Afghan resistance to continue


by Hanifullah Hanif, Afghanistan

Resistance in Afghanistan will determines the future of imperialism

After toppling of Taliban's reactionary regime by the US and preparing for an alternative government with the Bonn gathering in Dec 2001, US imperialism and its European allies dreamed to make Afghanistan a symbol of peace, stability, democracy, progress and development where armies would be something unnecessary. The plundering imperialists imaged Afghanistan as a piece of cake to be swallowed easily, but unfortunately- fortunately- it proved as a choking bit that would determine the future of US imperialism.

The raising anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan delivered a heavy slap on the face of occupiers and awaked them soon from their deep sleep, who then immediately got their mistake and proposed to make a 30 thousands army for Afghan government and dispatch more NATO troops to this country.

Three years ago the war and killing experts of US and NATO got agree that Afghanistan's government instead of 30 thousands, needs 70 thousands army to defend itself against "terrorism".

But now, once again they announced their prediction invalid. They propose creating around 200 thousands army to this "dangerous" country to deal with challenges. The demand of such number of army is propounded in the time, while so far they were failed to create at least 70 thousands army in Afghanistan within 7 years.

They supposed, preparing such number of army and plus their own troops are enough to join them to their objectives in Afghanistan, but in practice, their all attempts were in vain. Their heavy and wild military operations, bombardments and killing could not defeat the popular resistance, but on the contrary their inhuman attitude provoked revengeful sentiments and widened the resistance area.

The US, handed over a part of war mission's command to its European allies in NATO if it could help them reach their goal in Afghanistan, but the development of the situation once again made them disappointed. In Afghanistan, any initiative of the imperialists was useless. They (mostly European governments) suggested that instead of increase in the NATO troops in Afghanistan which cost them very high and cause the anger and opposition of their own people too, is better to help Afghan army and police to challenge the situation. Therefore, they provided Afghan police and army with modern weapons, equipments and trainings. But they failed in this way too, because the youths they draw to army and police, after training and taking part in one or two operations, leaving the job and refuse to carry out such difficult service in a high risky situation. Consequently, beside spending billions of dollars and elapsing seven years, they failed to achieve the target creating of a national army in Afghanistan.

Usually the puppet regime authorities and most collaborationist forces complain from US imperialism that why it does not make them infrastructure and national army and national police in Afghanistan. President Karzai within his last visit from Europe also opposed deploying additional foreign troops to Afghanistan. He expressed his view that foreign troops would not help them to restore stability in Afghanistan, but he urged on strengthening Afghan army and police to take such responsibility. But the reality is it that they do not understand this simple fact that US imperialism is never interested in creating powerful governments around the world, but it likes and needs to establish weak, dependent and puppet regimes as in Kabul to play them easily as it wish. On the other hand, US imperialism according to its hegemonic policy and global strategy is determined to undermine the existing powerful countries and also divide into pieces the big countries to make them weak to subordinate to US imperialism.

The US imperialism occupied Afghanistan with heavy support of its allies that from the beginning each of them had their own strategy and sought their own interests in Afghanistan and in the region. Although, too many efforts were made to finalize their united strategy and policy regarding the Afghanistan issue, the situation has been developing counter to their desires. One of the repeatedly demands of US from its allies and NATO was deploying additional troops to Afghanistan and locating them to unstable areas, but there was a disappointed respond from its allies. Even US imperialism threatened and warned some of its "cowardly" allies to increase their share in Afghanistan and give a shoulder to the on going mission in Afghanistan, but on the contrary, some of them announced to withdraw completely their troops or decrease the number of their troops in Afghanistan. And even some of them offered their conditions if do not responded, would pull out their troops and are not ready by placing them in dangerous areas, expose them to high risk.

It is not unlikely if some of the countries such as Germany or Poland…due to the high pressure and threat by US to resort to some kind of symbolic activities to satisfy US and cover up their internal conflicts, however, in fact it remained US imperialism who to pay alone the cost of war and challenge the unpredictable situation in Afghanistan. US imperialism as in Iraq has to dispatch its own troops to Afghanistan to fill the necessary vacancies of their allies' forces. The last announcement of sending more 3200 troops of US forces to Afghanistan, prior to any matter indicate the disagreement of US imperialism with its allies and NATO.

According to some analysts, US imperialist have deceived its allies regarding the matter of Afghanistan. Therefore, they may wish to escape secretly and cleverly from the battle ground. Because the US allies never guessed such situation and challenges that now they have to deal with them both in Afghanistan and in their countries. The recent arguments among them clearly indicate the lack of coordination, cooperation and their inner conflicts over the matter of Afghanistan. Most of the European countries urges on "political solution" whilst US insists on military approach. According to Washington Post November 13, 2007, daily expense of US government in the war of Iraq and Afghanistan is more than US$ 750 million.

US imperialism and its allies in NATO plus the puppet regime, can increase or decrease the number of their troops, equip them with modern weapons and resort to very wild and heavy military operations and attitude within unfair war in Afghanistan, but the point which clear is their certain defeat and success of the resistance. The world's history is full from such experiences and the people of Afghanistan always have taught a good lesson to invaders and the history of Afghanistan affirms our claim. And fortunately, the current growing popular resistance since the occupation of Afghanistan by US/NATO daily confirms our claim.

February 10, 2007, Afghanistan