Ayatollah al Baghdadi:"Attack on Mahdi army is attack on resistance"


On 28 March 2008 the office of Imam Baghdadi in Baghdad issued a
political statement concerning the confrontation between the Sadrist
Mahdi army and the forces of the collaborator regime supported by the
occupation armies.

Imam Baghdadi denounced the blood-shedding for which he blamed the Maliki regime. He called for:

"1. Resignation of the forth government installed by the occupation. Build an intermediate council and government to take care of the country after the withdrawal of the American occupation forces.

2. The attack on the Sadrist current basically means an attack on the whole national and Islamic, political and operative resistance.

3. We call among the brothers in the (national) police and army institutions not to execute the orders given by the collaborator regime and to aim their bullets to the enemy.

4. We call upon the Iraqi people in all its political, religious and ethnic groups to join the civil disobedience, which is a legitimate right until we achieve our robbed right and liberate our occupied land.

5. We call upon the international political and humanitarian organisations, especially the Islamic Council and the Arab League, to intervene for stopping this annihilation of Iraqi people and to support the resistance of the Iraqi people, otherwise they will be considered as partner in the crime.

6. We remind the American tyrant and this non-national government, that these measures and uncalculated actions will never break the will of the resistance, but enhance its determination to continue the struggle until the liberation of man and land. Victory will be on the side of the nation of the authentic Mohammadic Islam.

God is great, Jihad until the victory"