Afghan political prisoners cry for help


Call from Policharkhi Prison

Following call was passed on to the Anti-imperialist Camp by the underground revolutionary anti-imperialist movement in Afghanistan which is participating in the popular resistance movement against the U.S.-led Western occupation. It was smuggled out from Policharkhi which even according to CNN "is the most notorious prison in Afghanistan" (Feb 26, 2006).

The Western installed regime together with the occupation forces keep an unknown number of political prisoners belonging to the various trends of the resistance. Most of them originate from the Islamic movement but some also belong to the leftist movement. One should not forget that under the new "democratic" regime affiliation to a communist organization is threatened by capital punishment.

We are supporting the demands of the Afghan political prisoners and will keep reporting about their protests.

Anti-imperialist Camp

Prevent human Crimes and Oppression

The prison of Policharkhi is one of the most awful and violating prisons of the world which real story never found the way towards the people and media.

The puppet regime of Karzai, which was imposed by foreign imperialist states on the downtrodden Muslim people of Afghanistan in 2002, since the first day of its establishment was confronted with a serious country-wide reaction and resistance of our brave and patriotic people. The unauthorized regime with the help of its foreign masters (Nato invaders state led by US) in the field of repression of public resistance never withhold from exercising any type of force, violence, oppression and barbarism. Before all national and international communities it keeps violating openly all human rights, laws and conventions that they claim to defend.

To delete physically their opposition forces and resistance the puppet regime of Karzai and his criminal foreign collaborator forces during last six years not only have killed, bombarded, injured and disabled, made homeless, and deprived from assets hundred of thousands of people but also imprisoned more tens of thousands into their awful jails and detention centers because of defending their own country and opposing occupation.

In Policharkhi prison around 3.000 inmates are treated opposite to all national and international laws and human rights standards and our entire human rights are violated harshly. Mental and physical tortures such as insult, humiliation, threatening to death, sleeplessness, beating with cable and weapon and slap and kicking, electric bluster, standing in water and drowning in and hanging upset are the techniques that are usually employed by Afghan official, but their Nato's masters particularly Americans besides above tortures, are make naked the prisoners, doing sex abuse with them, biting them by dogs, tightening them in snow and cold weather, and halt them to meet their family and friends.

Everybody knows that 80% of Policharkhi inmates are political prisoners, but the despotic regime of Karzai in order to hide its beastly face, ignore all these facts and identify all of them as "criminal" and "terrorist" prisoners.

Without defender lawyer and judgment by default, execution of more than 17 inmates in 2007 was implemented under the mentioned justification.

Now there is a list of hundreds of prisoners for execution on the desk of Karzai. But as the execution of prisoners was condemned in national and international level, therefore, the regime in accordance with its nature chose the secret execution method.

Secret execution in Policharkhi jail is not new news but it has intensified since 2007. The prison's authorities usually withdraw some of the "dangerous" prisoners for "investigation" from their cell in late nights but never return them.

We, the prisoners of Policharkhi jail representing all prisoners, request from national and international human right defender organizations and humanist people to urge on Karzai and his master to:

1- To stop immediately the series of secret execution in Policharkhi jail and an impartial investigation must be carried out regarding the missing inmates and their families should be given justice and contentment.

2- The list of around one hundred prisoners for execution that was prepared by corrupt and puppet Supreme Court must be made invalid rapidly and their cases should be reviewed in an open trial.

3- Crime, violence and metal and physical tortures in all parts of Afghanistan especially in Policharkhi jail should be banned.

4- The identity of political prisoners in Policharkhi must be recognized as political prisoners.

5- To all prisoners should be granted access to defender lawyer and self defense right and the secrect trial must be stopped.

6- All corrupt and violatingpolice and judiciary officials should be punished.

7- To all prisoners should be given the right to meet and contact their families, media and civil society.

God Blessing you
Political Prisoners of Policharkhi Jail
Kabul- Afghanistan, April 2008