On the alert!

Call for an int'l campaign against the enlargement of NATO
Anti-imperialist Camp
The very quick military victory of the Russian army in Georgia has a positive strategical importance, because it achieved four fundamental results at one time:

1) it wounded to death the puppet Saakashvili, whom, from 2003, had made Georgia the vanguard of the euro-atlantic alliance in Caucasus; 2) it destroyed the myth of "coloured revolutions" and therefore put an and to the Western imperialism's pretension to bring its puppets to power thanks to the "democratic" mobilization of the masses; 3) it put an and to the euro-american pretension to mutilate Russia's geopolitical power by widening NATO towards the East (Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia); 4) therefore, it undermined in a fatal way the Northern American imperial and unipolar plan.

But the new balance of power which came out from the Russian victory is fragile, and exposed to a certain Northern American counter-offensive. The United States, taken by surprise by the Russian strike, are already threatening a tough revenge. Both presidential candidates (Obama through Brzezinsky and McCain through Palin) indeed have not hesitated to define Russia as the main strategical enemy of the US, both strongly reasserting unipolarism and the consequent will to widen NATO not only to Georgia but also to Ukraine and any country wishing to join it. Finally, while the threat of an attack against Iran is not ruled out, the US have chosen the way of frontal clash with the Bolivarian governments of Latin America.

NATO is not just a tactical weapon or a mere prosthesis of the Pentagon to fight every popular anti-imperialist resistance or overthrow hostile governments (as was seen in the war against Yugoslavia and the current ones Iraq and in Afghanistan). NATO is, rather, looked upon by the US as the pillar of their imperial geopolitics, as a structural way of being. This formidable imperial army was conceived to preserve the American worldwide supremacy, and it can play this role by incorporating their allies as vassal states and dealing with every independent country as a hostile force and every popular resistance as "terrorists" (see Iraq).

We have to firmly reject both the American unipolarism and the complementary plan to widen and strengthen NATO. Those two basic elements of the imperialist policy are the factors keeping the world in a state of permanent war and threatening to bring it on the verge of a catastrophic outbreak.

A wide and unitary mobilization for the dissolution of NATO, for the immediate dismantling of its basis worldwide and against any widening, is a categorical priority for anyone who cares not only for peace, but also for the peoples' right to resistance and self-determination.

Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the birth of NATO. We join the movements which proposed a great European mobilization, and ask everyone to do the same.

In the meanwhile we will work to build a first mobilization in occasion of the summit of Ministers for Defence from 26 countries of the European Union, scheduled to take place in December. This summit, after the deadlock of the NATO summit in Bucharest of last April, has indeed to decide about Ukraine and Georgia joining the Membership Action Plan, which is the first step to enter NATO.

Should this happen, as the United States and their most servile allies strongly demand, it would not only be an act of impudent hostility towards Russia, but also towards all the resistant countries and peoples who don't want to submit to the euro-atlantic imperial arrogance. It would mean a huge acceleration towards a conflict of incalculable destructive potential.

The mobilization against NATO and the struggle for world peace is the priority!
On the alert!

Anti-Imperialist Camp
September 11th, 2008