American Empire troubled


Greetings to the Workers World Party

In the name of the Anti-imperialist Camp we convey our warm and fraternal greetings to your conference, which takes place right at an important turn of the global situation.

The U.S. Empire, as it has been built after the implosion of the USSR, is in decisive trouble. Its permanent war has been unable to suppress the popular resistances, which sprang up in across the world, especially in the Middle East. On the contrary, aggression has awakened increased resistance.

This led to a situation in which the U.S. establishment has so far been unable to launch an attack on Iran, and which gave Russia the possibility to militarily defend the Caucasus as its sphere of influence. Without military intervention punishing its challengers, the American Empire would fade out into a multi-polar world.

In this very crucial situation, the financial crisis of the capitalist center exploded, which will definitely weaken the attraction of Western capitalism and especially its leading attraction: the American way of life. The crisis brings back a potential of unrest and political antagonism also to the West, a struggle that for a lengthy period has been marginalized.

In this sense we look forward to a strong co-operation, while working towards the unification of the global anti-imperialist forces as well as the construction of new anti-capitalist nucleuses also in the West.

With the most comradely greetings

Willi Langthaler
On behalf of the Anti-imperialist Camp