Greek revolt comes at right time


Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) informs the progressive public opinion

1. Yesterday evening, Saturday 6 December, a member of the Police Special Forces shot in cold blood and killed a 15 year old boy in the center of Athens.

2. Dozens of eye witnesses who came forward and spoke to the Media confirm that this was a cold blood murder, as there were no incidents going on. The attempt of the Greek government to lie to the public opinion, claiming that the kids attacked the police, finally failed: Tonight, Sunday 7 December, even the mainstream Media are openly calling the government's claims "a blatant lie".

3. The police murder comes after years of increasing state terror against the youth and the working people, who goes always unpunished and is always covered and justified by the neoliberal government of K. Karamanlis. Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested, tortured and wounded by the police.

4. The Greek government tried to disorientate and calm the people by organizing a theater of "resignations" of the Interior Minister and the head of the Greek Police, who were right away "refused" by the Prime Minister.

5. Thus, the Greek government bears the full political responsibility for the murder of the 15 year old boy, which was anything but an exceptional incident. The Greek government armed the hand of the murderer. It is the Greek government who trains the policemen and teaches them: "You are the State and you are untouchable, you are over the laws".

6. Since yesterday evening thousands of youth and working people are expressing all over Greece their indignation and their fully justified anger against this government of thiefs and murderers. Dozens of demonstrations are taking place almost continuously in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and many other Greek cities.

7. The Communist Organization of Greece (KOE), the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA), all the left organizations (with the shameful exception of the Communist Party of Greece, which only issued a statement...) are taking part in this revolt under the slogan: "Down with this government of murderers and thiefs!".

8. This morning, Sunday 7 December, the demonstration organized in Athens by the Left forces gathered thousands of people. It was attacked by the police with exceptional brutality, but the state terror did not manage to smash the march. Tomorrow afternoon we are organizing a new demonstration. The protest continues everywhere. Similar is the situation all over Greece.

9. The murderers and their instigators, the neoliberal government of K. Karamanlis, shall pay dearly for all their crimes! The state terror shall not pass! The people's struggle shall be victorious!

Athens, 7 December 2008.

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