PFLP leader Saadat sentenced to 30 yrs prison


Israeli kangaroo court in action

Solidarity with Ahmed Saadat

On December 25 a Zionist military court sentenced the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to 30 years of prisons. The verdict concludes completely ridiculous court proceedings which violated any democratic juridical norm possible.

"When the Israelis arrested him, they accused him of having killed Zeevi, but this accusation did not appear in the sentencing which proves that his arrest was political and was not related to security issues," PFLP member Khalida Jarar stated.

Saadat pays for his steadfastness in his opposition to the Zionist occupation. While significant parts of his leftist organisation have been wavering between the collaborators of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority on one side and the Hamas-led resistance movement on the other side on the ground of a false secularism, Saadat always maintained his support for the resistance regardless of its political affiliation. He rightly enjoys the highest esteem of the Palestinian people and the anti-imperialist movement across the world.

One of Ahmad Saadat's in front of the Zionists posing as judges: "This is your court and you possess the force to celebrate the trial and convict me on the basis of your lists of accusations, the public one and the secret one, and you can dictate a sentence prepared by the political and security apparatuses that are behind this trial. But I too possess a will obtained from the justice of our cause and the determination of our people to reject any decision from this 'kangaroo court'..."

So goes the "only democracy in the Middle East"…

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