Leader of Abnaa el Balad arrested


Solidarity with the Anti-zionist movement inside Israel

Abnaa el Balad is one of the main Anti-zionist organisations within Israel and is organising the protests of the remaining Arab population against the massacre in Gaza. Under its auspices the Haifa conference for One Democratic State in entire Palestine was organised. It has been closely co-operation with the Anti-imperialist Camp for more than one decade.

Yoav Bar, member of the politic office of Abnaa el Balad, was arrested on January 6, 2009, after a rally in Gaza protesting the ongoing slaughter in Gaza. In a communiquà© Abnaa el Balad called the arrest a useless and vain attempt to intimidate people to protest their war.

The movement announced further protest action: "We will not keep quiet until the war, the massacres and the occupation ended. We will carry on until freedom for the people and land of Palestine is achieved."