Help Peace in Darfur: Support Sudan!


Reject Imperialist Interferences and the ICC Decision!

1. The Anti-Imperialist Camp supports in principle the rights of self-determination and self-rule, in respect to nations, peoples and communities.

2. However, the particular cannot prevail over the universal. Those rights are neither sacred nor inviolable, rather they are a part of the general egalitarian and democratic programme - the anti-imperialist struggle against all forms of oppression, colonialism and exploitation.

3. It is part of the imperialistic technique of domination that the great powers disguise their predatory interests with "divide and rule" politics or claiming to be defenders of human rights, democracy and freedom from tyranny.

4. The United States of America, usually backed by the European Union, has always been the best at disguising their neo-colonialist politics with nice claims about freedom and democracy. And in the very name of freedom and democracy they attack peoples, they slaughter whole nations, they support the genocidal Israeli regime. And this is what is now happening in regard to Sudan.

5. The US has employed these tricks in an effort to overthrow the Sudanese patriotic government. First Sudan was included in the Black List of "rogue states" which support terrorism (and sanctions were imposed), then the question of the so-called "Darfur genocide" was raised. In the end, the USA, while not recognizing its legitimacy when it is a matter of punishing their crimes, induced the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to issue an arrest warrant for "genocide" against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. This move lacked even the support of the United Nations. The ICC, in continuity to its predecessor which unjustly condemned and killed Slobodan Milosevic and other Yugoslav and Serb patriots, turns a blind eye to the unspeakable American crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. The same Court that does not harm a hair on the Zionist regime's head, has now issued an arrest warrant against the Sudanese President.

6. Together with the Sudanese people, the Arab people, and all anti-imperialists everywhere in the world, we express the firmest condemnation of this decision. We express our solidarity to the government of Khartoum and the popular forces that are now mobilizing inside and outside of Sudan.

7. The International Criminal Court has no legitimacy, neither political nor legal, to judge or condemn Omar al-Bashir. This Court is a tool in the hands of the main imperialist powers, a "legal" tool to justify their illegal and neo-colonialist politics. The anti-imperialist resistance won't be put on trial!

8. The conflict tormenting Darfur since 2003 is an internal Sudanese conflict and must be solved by the Sudanese peoples, by pacific means, and in the framework of a democratic federal system, socially, politically, and legally.

9. This solution implies recognizing the inviolable rights of the non-Arab communities of Darfur, which includes the customary right to ownership over cultivable land and the right to regional self-rule.

10. The conflict opposing the sedentary majority to the Arab nomadic minority (who consider themselves to be predominant and of whom the Janjaweed militias are the last offspring) has ancient roots. It has been exacerbated by the desertification of the Sahel, which has produced immigration towards the fertile land of Darfur (from Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad). But this conflict has become critical because of the recent interference of imperialist countries such as France and the USA.

11. The mineral deposits in Darfur, including uranium, as well as the discovery of important oilfields in Darfur (the extraction rights of which the Sudanese government has taken away from the Western multinationals and assigned to China), have induced the aforementioned powers to try and take hold of these resources.

12. Therefore, after having imposed an embargo on Sudan for their (wholly imagined) 'support of terrorism', the imperialists have carried on their politics of destabilization by instigating the civil war in Darfur, supporting and arming the shaky guerrilla movements SLA, JEM and MNRD. Not only have they launched a virulent propaganda campaign to denounce a non-existent genocide in Darfur; they also have internationalized the conflict by using the neighbouring countries - initially Chad and Central African Republic -- as anti-Sudanese strongholds. The belt around Sudan now also includes Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

13. The outrageous decision of the ICC, as well as legitimating the aims of the imperialist countries, especially the USA and France, also increases the danger that the conflict become international and result in a regional war involving every neighbouring country against Sudan.

No to the arrest warrant against president al-Bashir!
No to the imperialist interferences in Sudan and Africa!
All foreign troops out of Sudan regardless of their uniform!
Full rights to the Darfur communities in an independent, united, sovereign and anti-imperialist Sudan!

Anti-Imperialist Camp