Conference of Central and Eastern European Solidarity Groups, November 6-8, 2009 Budapest

Statements on Honduras and Colombia

Statement on Honduras

    We, the undersigned, who participated at the Conference of the Central and Eastern European solidarity groups at Budapest, Hungary on 6, 7 and 8 November, 2009 express our strongest condemnation of the military coup in Honduras against the legitimate president Manuel Zelaya.

    We express our solidarity with the courageous struggle of resistance against the coup on the part of the Honduran people, led by the National Front of Resistance.

    We demand the immediate reinstatement of President Manuel Zelaya, trial and punishment for the coup plotters and the convening of the Constituent Assembly in which the people of Honduras can decide truly about their own future, free from imperialist intervention.

    We reject the November 29 elections, as since this will not be free and fair because they are organized by a coup-regime.

Statement on the Plan Colombia

We, the organizations signed below, who participated at the Conference of the Central and Eastern European Venezuelan solidarity groups at Budapest, Hungary on 6, 7 and 8 November, 2009, protest against the aggressive foreign policy of the Obama administration, what we can also see in the case of Plan Colombia.

Obama continues the same imperialist policy that his predecessor, George W. Bush started against the Venezuelan Revolution and Latin America in general, as well as many other regions they started a war. The new government takes every possible step to squelch the Venezuelan Revolution and stop the Latin American integration processes, since these threaten the US economic and political interests.

The Colombian government, headed by Alvaro Uribe, one of the last allies of the USA in the region, tries to present the military intervention together with the USA to the public opinion and the media of the world as an exclusively Colombian affair.  They say that this action is only directed against the Colombian paramilitary and the drug traffic, but it is evident that this is a threat to Venezuela, as well as revolutionary movements in the region.
Before the Obama administration took power, 250 military troops were the 7 main military bases of Colombia. Today, with this new agreement, this number grew to 800 and an additional number of 600 civilian military contractors are sent to the country.

While showing a friendly face to Latin America, Obama prepares to destroy the revolutionary process. It is unacceptable for us that while the Obama Administration has started a new Cold War, the new president gets the Nobel Peace Prize.

We demand that Obama and his administration immediately stop any kind of military intervention in the region and immediately withdraw the US military troops from Colombia!

We demand that the Colombian government immediately cancel the military agreements signed by Colombia and the USA and stop helping the US expansion in the region!
We demand that the Obama government give up any kind of military activity and other attempts aimed at destroying the Bolivarian Revolution and other revolutions in Latin America and at stopping the Latin American integration processes.

We express our solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and with the revolutionary movements of workers, peasants and the people of Latin America as a whole.

7th November, 2009, Budapest