Saadat speaks out for a one-state solution

8 years- It’s been 8 years now since Ahmed Saadat, is jailed by Israel- and in Israel.
Charlotte Malterre
Even though the Palestinian Supreme Court declared his imprisonment unconstitutional, and Amnesty International protested against his unfair trial, he has been sentenced to 30 years of jail. He is on the Hamas request list of prisoners to be exchanged against Gilad Shalit.

Last week, the Secretary-General of the PFLP -through written answers to Reuters- has warned against more peace talks with Israel, saying a resumption of negotiations will not achieve Palestinian goals and deepen divisions among Palestinians. He said the Middle East conflict could only be resolved through the creation of a state shared by Palestinians and Jews. The talks proposed by the United States to revive the two-decade old peace process aimed to hide “American impotence” and US President Barack Obama’s failure to make good on promises of a new beginning with the Muslim world, he said.

(sources: the / reuters)