Sumud mission Ain el Hilweh

Voluntary work in a Palestinian refugee camp
Sunday, 25. July 2010 - 0:00 to Sunday, 8. August 2010 - 0:00
Ain el Hilweh refugee camp, Saida, Lebanon
In August 2009, an international youth brigade visited the Palestinian refugee camp of Ein El-Hilweh starting the joint project of Sumud and the Palestinian-Lebanese association Nashet.

Palestinian and European youth worked jointly in renovating a building, which had been destroyed in the successive sieges and bombardments of the camp. The restored building became a multipurpose community centre, a place of interchange, memory and civil commitment, a meeting point for all the young Palestinian of the refugee camp: the Cultural Centre “Sumud”.

This year, Sumud starts the second phase: a new brigade will go to the camp. With the help of the collected donations, further restoration and furnishing works will be carried out in the centre. The target of this year is even more ambitious: beside the voluntary works in the building, a film making workshop will be held for Palestinian and Lebanese youth, as well as for the international volunteers, whose task will also be to produce video documentation on the camp and the project.

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