Nobel Peace Prize for staunch neo-liberal

On the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 to Liu Xiaobo
Anti-imperialist Camp
Ever since the Nobel Peace Prize went to Kissinger, Begin and de Klerk, we shouldn’t really pay attention to that any more, but the media excitement does get to us, too. Good for Lê Đức Thọ that he rejected the Prize.

Liu Xiaobo is a neo-liberal gadfly. His unreserved admiration for the political, economic and social system of the United States of America has been aptly expressed in his “Charter 08”. Is it because he has been sponsored by the National Endowment for Democracy?

In the 1980s Liu said in an Interview that only 300 years of occupation by a western colonial power could improve the situation in China: “Three hundred years of colonial rule. See what Hong Kong is like today, after one hundred years of colonial rule. China is so big, so of course it would require three hundred years of colonial rule to bring it up to the standard of Hong Kong; I guess three hundred years might even be not enough.” (Interview in Jiefang Yuekan, December 1988)

As an unswerving supporter of the civilising mission of western imperialism, he has also supported the US-led attack on Iraq.

For all that, however, he shouldn’t be in gaol.

Anti-Imperialist Camp
October 12th, 2010