Colonial aggression on Libya to stop Arab revolutions

Declaration of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
To the masses of the Arab Nation, to all patriotic and national organisations in the Arab Homeland

On the eighth anniversary of the Zionist imperialist aggression on Iraq, the American NATO bombers and battle ships committed a cruel aggression on the Libyan territory. They are doing so in preparation to a wider plan targeting Libya’s independence and sovereignty. The armies of America, France, Britain and Italy, the supporters of the corrupt tyrant rulers in our Arab homeland, the enemies of freedom, independence, democracy, progress and justice in our Arab countries, these states are the most hypocrite, wicked and false users of human concepts and values.

The West wages the aggression against Libya in the spirit of the crusaders’ hatred against the Arabs, their history and their future. It is a colonial intervention in the inner Libyan affairs in the frame of a western imperialist project intending to splitter and pulverise the Arab Homeland. They try to confront and contain the current Arab revolution which represents the real threat to the western colonial interests, and the followers and agents of the west, the corrupt despot tyrants.

The current Arab revolution, whose flame is spreading on the straw of the spoilt and rotten reality across the Arab map and threatens the thrones of the corruption and vice tyrants and Sheikhs, the watch guards of the west, is not only against them, its rather a revolution against the western colonial dominance towards realising the dignity to the Arabs and liberating their ravished lands. It is a revolution against splitting, oppression and to regain of the nation’s right in Palestine. The revolution of the Arab masses has the ability and vitality to realise its goals and is going to confront the attempts of sabotage and falsification, which the West seeks by all means.

The Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, as it condemns with all vehemence the imperialist NATO military aggression against Libya, calls all the patriotic and national powers and organisations across the Arab Homeland to the immediate action to confront the aggression and stop violating the Arabs’ land.

Defeat and shame to the crusade invaders
Victory to the popular Arab Revolution

Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
March 19, 2011