Solidarity hunger strike in Haifa with Palestinian captives

"Hungry for Freedom"
Hunger strike continues despite prisoner exchange
It has been two week since the declaration of the hunger strike by the prisoners of our people. This strike is set to protest the detention in the most despicable conditions possible. The time to establish a decisive stance of support has come. The time to regain the issue of the Palestinian prisoners' movement to the top priority of the struggle of the Palestinian people has come.

Their hunger is ours.

Thus, a solidarity strike has been initiated by a group of Palestinian youth from within the Palestinian occupied territories 1948, from all factions and political groups. We declare an open hunger strike and sit-ins in the city of Haifa that will commence on Saturday October the 8th, in solidarity with the demands of the Palestinian captive movement, and with the fierce struggle against the occupation and its prisons.

The aim of this step is to declare full support for the demands of the captive movement. The most important among those demands is complete freedom from captivity. In addition, we wish to raise awareness and recruit public and institutional support and for the prisoners and their suffering, and to prepare the ground for a genuine popular protest against the prisons of the occupation.

Unfortunately, we are in a race against time, as each day passes, the danger to our brothers in prison grows, leaving us with many difficulties in the recruitment and coordination. And, therefore:

It is necessary to stress that we consider all the national factions and parties as partners in this struggle, and all are requested to contribute, support, and participate in the revival of the activities and initiatives. We call upon the movements and the national parties, as well as NGOs, especially those working in the field of human rights, the Palestinian captive movement, and legal affairs, to join this struggle which seeks freedom for political prisoners,and to support the prisoners' key demands. We draw a warm, brotherly appeal to our people and the families of the prisoners, to stand on our side.

We invite all those who wish to contribute and support or to join the hunger strike to send a message to or or call - 0506386646 / 0523259766 to match up the work. We need all the support with media outreach, organisational logistics, recruitment and personal involvement.

We invite you all to join us on Saturday in the German Colony (near Haddad hostel) - Haifa at 8:30 pm, to the launching of our open hunger strike and sit-in.

Freedom for Prisoners of Freedom