Association for anti-imperialist voluntary work - the art of resistance
The name comes from a very ancient Arab root, with many meanings: samda means a rock firmly planted in the earth; mismâd is a camel which goes on giving milk in a drought.

Sumud proposes no model from the towering heights of a superior culture. Sumud wants to simply listen and provide support to those who struggle, in the dominated countries, against poverty and for liberation, through a kind of voluntary commitment which is neither sentimental nor condescending, rejecting any kind of complicity with those who think volunteer associations should provide sedation against rebellion.

The youth centres in EIn el-Hilweh is progressing with its first activities
The function of the Sumud centre inside Lebanon's largest Palestinian refugee camp (learn more about Sumud's set-up ) is to receive, encourage, adopt youth initiatives, that can help the downtrodden Palestinian youth of the refugee camp to express themselves, dreams, ambitions, tendencies, hopes, hobbies, ideas... etc.