Global March to Jerusalem

March 30, 2012 - from Beirut, Amman, Cairo
On March 30 demonstrations starting from Beirut, Amman and Cairo, as well as convoys arriving from around the globe, will converge in the global quest to save Jerusalem from being colonised by Zionism. In these three capitals, we will be received by local preparatory committees. Concomitantly, there will be mobilisations throughout historic Palestine: in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip, in the territories robbed 1948 (today Israel) and first and foremost, in Jerusalem. Inform yourself about the political project and read how you can participate.

We say no to Zionism and to an exclusive Jewish colonial state, which reacts to the legitimate struggle of the indigenous Palestinian people for self-determination with the expansion of its Apartheid rule. To support this struggle is a special duty for the European opposition forces because Zionism is not only a product of European colonialism and racism; it still enjoys the support of our ruling elite.

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) adopted the city of the three monotheistic world religions as a symbol of emancipation. Despite the on-going expulsion of Palestinians and the Judaisation of the city, it remains the common cultural heritage of humanity, which can never be erased.

We join this pluralistic initiative transcending cultural and religious borders carrying further ahead past initiatives. Our intention is to build a bridge for resistance between the Arab region, Europe and other parts of the world.

First call
On 30 March 2012, from all continents we will converge and gather along the Palestinian borders with Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, with the participation of delegations joining us from every country in the world in a peaceful march towards Palestine.