Anti-imperialist Camp’s Conference

February 2008
From February 2-4, 2008, the Anti-imperialist Camp held an international conference in Vienna, Austria. There is no numbering nor is there a fixed modus of holding congresses. In the first part of 00-10 decade the annual Camps mostly held in Assisi served as conferences. Later we held events at historical turning points. Actually the conference drew a balance sheet of the (failed) attempt to erect the American empire. The open crisis of the imperialist system led by the US became apparent only a few months later with the Lehman collapse and Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq and his ideological softening.
Document adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, Febuary 2-4, 2008
Taking advantage of the downfall of the USSR, the United States of America have intensified their aggressive policy, knowing well that their global supremacy depends on their ability to wield a steady dominance in this stormy region. Since 1991 Washington pursues the strategic American project, better known as "Great Middle East". This plan does not tolerate any hostile regime (see the Iraqi case) and implies wiping out any anti-imperialist resistance.
A political balance sheet of the Anti-imperialist Camp's itinerary
In our political laboratory the idea of making anti-imperialism the centre of our activity had been already maturing. From these anti-imperialist resistances' would emanate the only bold antagonism being able to seriously rock the imperialist-capitalist system which just had scored one of its biggest historical victories.
Message of Özgür Der, Turkey, to the conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp
World and humanity is going through hard times. Never in history as much eatables produced as today, but at the same time never ever in history as much people starved as today.