Iraq Conference 2007

The Anti-imperialist Camp has been in the forefront of the support to the Iraqi resistance. We launched the famous 10 Euro campaign, waged demonstrations, convened countless conference and actually have been able to rally a significant movement. The conference under the title “With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East” held in Italy on March 24/25, 2007, was meant as a launching pad for a broad alliance. Forces from both the Sunni as well as the Shia side were present along a wide range of political figures of the resistance.

It soon turned out, however, that there was no force able to prevent the descent into a confessional civil war severely weakening the resistance. So the Chianciano conference in spring 2077 eventually was the last large event in the cycle of the Iraqi resistance support movement.

Although the Iraqi resistance could not win, it was neither defeated. It contributed decisively to the weakening of the American empire and led to the later withdrawl of the US forces from Iraq.

With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East
International Conference, Chianciano Terme, Italy, March 24/25, 2007
International Conference
With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East
Call by the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance
An International Conference for supporting the Iraqi Resistance will be organized in Chianciano Terme, Italy, on 24/25 March. We consider this conference as the first serious and real action to break the political sanction and isolation imposed by U.S. imperialism against the Iraqi Resistance and the Iraqi People's struggle against the U.S. savage occupation. Also, we look to this conference as the first step for building an international front against imperialism.
List of speakers on the international conference "With the Resistance, for Just Peace in the Middle East"
With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East
Int'l conference in Rome 2007: Against the occupation, for the Resistance