By Sudha Bharadwaj
The rule of law does not do away with the unequal distribution of wealth and power but reinforces that inequality with the authority of law. It allocates wealth and poverty in such complicated and indirect ways as to leave the victim bewildered. - Howard Zinn
The International Campaign Against War on the People of India (ICAWPI) is being launched to work as a coordinating centre seeking international support for the resistance of the people of India against the all out military offensive of the Indian state against its own citizens. ICAWPI is an international extension of widespread opposition and initiatives against this genocidal war to forcefully crush the heroic resistance of the tribal peoples in the heartlands of India and to hand over these lands rich in minerals and raw materials to international corporations such as Vedanta, Rio Tinto, Posco and others.
Press statement by Concerned Citizens
We welcome the announcement by the CPI (Maoist) to observe a ceasefire and enter into talks with the Government of India. Given the government’s expressed willingness to engage in talks, we hope that this offer will be reciprocated. This necessarily requires a halt to all paramilitary armed offensive operations (commonly known as Operation Green Hunt) immediately. It is also imperative that there should be complete cessation of all hostilities by both sides during the currency of the talks.
By G.N.Saibaba
Speech by G.N. Saibaba on the issue of displacement in India and the growing resistance movement of the people with alternative politics to the world capitalist system. The People's War in India has intensified in recent years as the forced displacement and outright attacks on tribal (adivasi) people have become a priority of the state. The successful alliance between the Communist Party of India (Maoist), adivasis and others has led to the CPI (Maoist) being classified by the Indian ruling class as 'India's greatest internal security threat'. Now in a desparate attempt to reverse the situation the authorities are launching Operation Green Hunt - in effect a military invasion and occupation of those areas under the sway of Maoist influence; the forested, eastern and central states now known as the Red Belt. The aim is not only to destroy the Maoists but also to provide an excuse for further displacement of the adivasi peoples, seizing the land and the valuable raw materials which lie under it.
Adivasis and the poor in particular becoming the targets of state terror.
Gaon Chodab Nahi – We Will Not Leave Our Village
Stop War Against the People
On the ban of the Naxalites
A 15 minute Trailer on the Human Rights Violations in Chhattisgarh resulting from Operation Green Hunt


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