Peace Initiative for a Political Solution in Syria
NO TO AN OPEN MILITARY INTERVENTION – CALL FOR A POLITICAL SOLUTION! With the latest use of chemical weapons the bloodshed in Syria is about to turn into a real humanitarian disaster. Whoever are the perpetrators and intellectual authors of this abominable crime is not only responsible for this mass murder on the innocent population of Ghouta but also of tens of thousands of other victims who are going to follow if the world is no capable to stop this war.
Anti-imperialist Camp
The notorious “humanitarian air campaign” seen so many times before seems to be imminent. The entire world knows that it is neither about human rights nor democracy – it is only about power also this time. We condemn the impending attack in the strongest terms possible. We call to fight it and inflict a defeat on the aggressor and thus its global order.
Delegation meets Kadri Shamil (r), vice premier and minister
Since September 2012 the Peace in Syria Initiative has undertaken consultations inside and outside Syria. Between June 2 and 8, the Peace in Syria Initiative met with high ranking government officials, opposition and religious organizations.
Campaign of Global Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution
As in Tunisia and Egypt also in Syria there is a significant revolutionary democratic camp. While they all share the opposition against foreign intervention, sectarianism and excessive militarism their positions range from pacifism to the support of the armed struggle. Following appeal has been launched by the latter tendency spearheaded by Syrian figures like Salameh Kaileh or Samir Aita and endorsed by personalities like Fawaz Traboulsi, Etiénne Balibar, Elias Khoury, Ilan Pappe, Tariq Ali…
S Abulaban (l), L Gabriel, M Sayegh, C. Haydt
On April 13th 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany, a meeting of German speaking Syrians took place who originate from all milieus participating in the conflict*. Representatives of the German peace movements provided the frame for the debates. Declared aim was to promote a dialogue of civil society in order to pave the way for political negotiations. On this way a first step was realized in Düsseldorf.
Instead of waiting until the big and small powers of the region and of the world would find an equilibrium which allows them to generate a cease-fire from the outside, we established contacts with the Syrian political forces who are willing to engage a political dialogue under conditions which eventually could lead to a cease-fire and a political transition acceptable to all people who truly want peace in Syria and in the whole area. We also established contacts with members of the Syrian civil society and people on the ground.
Committee of Action emerging from the Syrian International Conference for Democratic Syria and Civilian State on 28-29 January 2013
The Democratic Civil Alliance which consists of Syrian political figures and civil democratic forces considers the coming Syria as a democratic civil State based on citizenship that ensures the individual and collective rights that are approved in the International Bill of Human Rights.
by Alfred Klein
The ice-breaking offer for direct negotiations with the Assad government by the leader of the “Syrian National Coalition” indicates a significant shift. Important parts of the population including the Sunni elites want to avoid a further (sectarian) escalation. It is deemed a price too high to be paid. They want to save their capital Damascus from the fate suffered by Homs and Aleppo.
Revolutionary Left Current in Syria
We witnessed at the beginning of this year, two important events regarding the activities of the Syrian opposition. Firstly, the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change’s (NCCDC) meeting in Geneva in which this latter returned at its conclusion to reach an understanding with some conditions for a dialogue with the ruling junta regime. The second event was the initiative of Sheikh Maaz Khatib, head of the National Coalition, who also suggested a conditional dialogue with the regime.
Proceeding from a deep belief in the necessity to protect Syria's land and people, and in the face of the risk of the destruction of national unity resulting from a corrupt dictatorial regime over sequential decades, the democratic national figures and organisations at this meeting commit to rescue Syria from a catastrophic situation, and put it on a safe path through the unification of societal forces based on democracy, pluralism and equality, gaining the support of all international and Arab external forces for the righteous demand of the Syrian people in toppling the dictatorial regime, and the establishment of a civil democratic State proceeding from the following tasks:


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