by Wilhelm Langthaler
Soubhi Hadidi is a renowned literary critic and author. Today he is living in Paris and teaching at the Sorbonne. As an activist of the Syrian Communist Party (Riad Turk), he was forced into clandestinity before he flew his home country. As a member of the Democratic People’s Party, which was formed out of the aforementioned CP and which today is one of the main organised political forces of the revolt, he participated in the “Damascus Declaration” in 2005. Today he is considered one of the most vocal voices of the left wing of the Syrian democratic uprising.
Wilhelm Langthaler
Subhi Hadidi addressing the Viennese audience Sept 16, 2011
On September 16 the first public debate on the democratic movements in the Arab world took place in Vienna. The renowned literary critic and long-time activist of the anti-Assad Syrian Communist Party/Politburo (Riad Turk group) Soubhi Hadidi, who is now teaching at the Sorbonne in Paris, explained his view on the unfolding uprising in Syria.
Anti-imperialist Camp (Austrian section)
Rally against Assad in Vienna, Sept 4, 2011
The following leaflet has distributed at the weekly Syrian solidarity rallies in down-town Vienna, Austria. It is a reaction to some voices within the Syrian community (both secular as well as Islamic) who not only address the western powers but directly call for a western military intervention. The reaction of the organised Islamic milieu was astonishing. They defamed us as Gaddhafi supporters, despite the fact that we from the very beginning defended the democratic demands also in Libya while opposing the NATO aggression and its local auxiliary forces on the ground. The hidden pro-interventionists counter the warning against NATO by equating those who reject an intervention as supporters of Gaddhafi, Assad etc.
On August 29 a meeting in Ankara organised by a group called „Youth of the Syrian Revolution“ nominated 94 persons as members of a transitional council of whom 42 live in Syria.
by Ali Nasser
With reference to the recent “Friday of international protection” the Anti-imperialist Camp asked Soubhi Hadidi, a leading Syrian political activist of the opposition and literary critic.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Abduljabbar al Kubaysi in Vienna, 2003
One of the political leaders of the Iraq resistance, Abduljabbar al Kubaysi, who has been one of the driving forces of the construction of a common political front of the resistance, recently stated his confidence in the Syrian revolutionary forces.
by Anti-imperialist Camp (Austria) and Initiativ e.V. Duisburg (Germany)
A new spirit is spreading in the Arab region taking different shapes of movements for democracy, social justice and national sovereignty. Although in each country the movements are occupied with the local condition, a new Arab spirit is being born among the popular masses, who again have shown more political courage, sense for organisation and clarity in their demands, not only more than expected, but also more than most of the opposition elites ever had.
Mohammed Aburous
Against the background of the heavy Western intervention in the Syrian issue, the opposition is divided on the question whether foreign intervention should be sought and if so to which extent.
Today, Syria is witnessing the most difficult and painful days; however, it is also witnessing the birth of a new dawn of freedom quenched by the blood and sacrifice of the Syrian youth demonstrating peacefully in the ground. This puts the burden of urgent action on the shoulders of all Syrians, living all over the world, to work along side their brothers and sisters in and outside Syria to build a new future for their country.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Wajdy Mustafa, 51, has been member of the Communist Union and as such served a total of 13 years in Syrian prison. A few years ago he settled in Europe as a political refugee. Now he was elected into the consulting committee of the Antalya conference from May 31 to June 3, the main coalition of the Syrian democratic opposition.


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