Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change
Editor’s note: We publish this declaration because it helps to understand the political forces at work in the current uprising. We do, however, strongly disagree with the attempt of the “Damascus Declaration” to mobilise Western pressure. We believe on the contrary that liberation is only possible against imperialism which today try to indulge the movement with support of “democracy” – but we know that eventually that means subordination.
by Hassan Khaled Chatila
The following is taken from interviews “A World to Win News Service” (AWTWNS) conducted with Hassan Khaled Chatila, a Syrian born in Damascus in 1944. He holds a doctorate in political philosophy from the University of Paris, a city where he has lived as a refugee for many years. He is a member of the Syrian Communist Action Party founded in 1975. AWTWNS has condensed and somewhat edited this material while trying to faithfully represent his views, which are his own.
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Sayed Rian is a mechanical engineer and militant of the anti-Zionist organisation within the territory occupied in 1948 which today forms Israel. We met him in Cairo to where he travelled like us to explore the Egyptian popular movement which brought down Mubarak.
Anti-imperialist Camp
Syria remains the only Arab regime which maintains some anti-imperialist traits: its support to Hezbollah and the political space it offers to the Palestinian resistance movement – to name only the two most important ones. However, cementing its absolute, even dynastic powers, Bashar al-Assad is not helping the anti-imperialist cause. On the contrary, the people need fresh air to breathe, to mobilise, to prepare for the overall Arab liberation struggle against western neo-colonialism ahead.


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