Nasir Loyand, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
It is really terrorist act of NATO and Sarkozi and the allies in Libya that under the pretext of protection of civilian, killing the Libyan and destroying their infrastructure to replace their ever puppet regime to meet their economic and political interest in Libya and region.
Committee to Free the Three Libyan Patriots
It is not criminal to defend one's country against the NATO bombs.
"On direct orders from the Italian government, headed by Silvio Berlusconi (who himself faces many investigations), three Libyans were arrested in Perugia, including Ahusain Nouri, president of the League of Libyan students in Italy.
To the masses of the Arab Nation, to all patriotic and national organisations in the Arab Homeland
Anti-imperialist Camp
The United States and their allies have started a neo-colonial attack on Libya, to intervene in a civil war and to install a pro-western regime, and last but not least, to halt the anti-imperialist dynamics of the democratic revolutions in the Arab world.
Willi Langthaler
Yes to people’s power in Benghazi, no to sanctions or military intervention
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