by Wilhelm Langthaler
In the large palace of sports of Tunis several thousand people participated in the first congress of the PCOT after decades of underground existence. It was first of all an event to show strength and give a signal to society that the PCOT is a significant political option. This certainly was achieved.
We herewith reproduce an interessing assessment of the current situation in Tunisia of which we believe that it contains valid elements. As supporters of the revolutionary left we see it as a warning to take appropriate measures to gain as much influence as possible to vblock the counter-revolution.
As an affirmation to our involvement in the revolution of our people who are struggling for their right to dignity and freedom, whom their sacrifices resulted in dozens of martyrs and thousands of injured and detainees, and in order to complete the victory against the internal and external enemies, and in response to the ongoing attempts for plundering the people’s sacrifices, 14th January Front is formed as a political frame working on advancing our people’s revolution towards achieving its goals and to confront the anti-revolution forces.
Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Long live the brave people, workers and youths of Tunisia.
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