A communist view from Moscow
Serguei Novikov
Nagorny Karabakh
"So it would be in the interests of the Azery and Armenian people to recognise the selfdetermination of Karabakh in exchange for some purely Azery territories as well as to guarantee nonaggression and the obligation to act by peaceful means only."
Interview with Paul Cabana, representative of Poligraf Red, a Marxist group from Minsk
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Source: www.facebook.com/poligraf.red/
When militia brutality stopped (mostly as a result of the workers’ protests), the number of workers actively supporting the opposition dwindled a lot.
End neo-liberalism
Call by the European Co-ordination against Euro, EU, NATO and Neo-liberalism
After the EU
The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered off an “integral world storm” and constitutes a historical turning point. The Pandora’s box has been opened, all the chronic evils of the hyperfinancialized capitalist system have been exposed.
In the face of an imminent threat to his life exacerbated by the COVID-19 virus
In the face of an imminent threat to his life exacerbated by the COVID-19 virus
GN Saibaba
Over the last six years, the health of Dr. G. N. Saibaba, incarcerated in Nagpur Central Jail, has deteriorated alarmingly. Prof. Saibaba is a teacher of English at the University of Delhi and is a human rights activist.
To save lives, we must get rid of the neoliberal austerity of the EU, New Democracy and SYRIZA
Paremvasi, Political organisation of the communist left in Greece
Greece: low number of intensive care units per capita
Shield the healthcare system and the medical staff now!
Interview with Maxim Goldarb, leader of the Union of Left Forces Ukraine
Wilhelm Langthaler
Maxim Goldarb
Maxim Goldarb has been elected new chairman of the Union of Left Forces of Ukraine. Before he served as a public prosecutor in Kiev. His predecessor Vasilj Volga was beaten by a Nazi when addressing a press conference while the police was watching. Volga has been guest of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Italy in 2016.
How does the local council ensure freedom of expression?
Open letter to the Chairman of the Vienna City Council Thomas Reindl and the President of the Vienna Parliament, Ernst Woller
Letter from Austrian prison by Abu Habel, Palestinian sentenced for life imprisonment based on a phony political trial
Abu Habel father with pic of his minor son he was denied to visit in prison
In writing these words, I have dug up a grave in my prison cell, and have cut off all communication with life itself -- a man who has spent his entire youth in Israeli dungeons.
A Greek comment on the European election results
by Paremvasi
From better times when people still had hopes in Syriza
The results of the recent triple elections (european, regional, local) signify the end of an era, a process that has been going on since 2015. The social and the organized left find it difficult to accept it. After the referendum in 2015, Greece has entered a new, tougher and more conservative political reality, in which two similar parties (SYRIZA and New Democracy) pursue similar policies, the Left counts but never heals its wounds and the extreme right raises in prominence, changing expressions and forms.
A peace delegation from Austria went to Donetsk and Lugansk
Wilhelm Langthaler
Parade in Donetsk on May 11, 2019
A delegation of nine peace and neutrality activists went to the rebel areas in eastern Ukraine on the occasion of the celebrations of Soviet victory over German Fascism on May 9th as well as the fifth anniversary of the founding of the republics in the Donbass.