Ukraine: interview with a leader of Borotba (struggle)
by Initiativ e.V. Duisburg, Germany
All our party offices were destroyed by the so-called National Guard, which is the legal cover for the neo-Nazi groups. When our people came to the offices they saw people in black uniforms, armed with AK-47s and blockading our offices. They took everything: flags, music systems, computers and even newspapers. It is easily understood that under such conditions no legal, open work is possible.
Dr G N Saibaba, who was recently abducted from Delhi by the Maharashtra police and charged under the UA(P)A, has just been denied bail by the Gadchiroli Sessions court.
Statement of Borotba (Struggle) on Ukraine’s “elections of blood"
The so-called elections, held by the Kiev junta on May 25, cannot be considered fair or legitimate. Elections held in the midst of civil war in the East of the country and neo-Nazi terror in the South and Center were not free.
Haytham Manna: Unilateralism doomed to fail
Haytham Manna is a spokesperson of the National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change (NCB), the main democratic leftist force in Syria. Following extract is a free translation of a text published on the NCB’s website.
Low turnout gives hope, Sabahi a shame
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The operation was all about generating legitimacy for the bloody military coup of last year. The junta’s methods are well known and resemble those of the decades of lead. The question is whether we are in front of an enduring Arab winter?
No to the aggressive line against Russia
Banner of Initiativ e.V. calling for an immediate ceasefire
On May 29 Ukraine’s acting prime minister Jazenjuk was invited to Aachen, Germany, to laud van Rompuy who has been awarded the Charlemagne prize. Along with him came representatives of Georgia and Moldavia, both countries within the Russian sphere of influence leaning towards the west. The entire event was meant as a political signal against Russia.
A sad balance sheet
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Ayman and Zeinat Akhras
The Syrian government is celebrating its apparent victory over the armed insurgency in its former capital. But Syrian society pays a price too high. One only needs to look at the appalling pictures of destruction caused by years of siege and indiscriminate artillery bombardment. It stands as symbol for the ravaging of the Syrian social fabric which is even worse than the physical one and without perspective to be healed.
by Tapan Kumar Bose
Logo Free Saibaba
G.N. Saibaba is in judicial custody in a remote place called Gadchiroli in Maharashtra state in western India.
Call by the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)
G.N. Saibaba at Dehli university 2010
G.N. Saibaba is an outstanding and widely recognised figure of India’s various movements against global capitalist rule and its Indian representatives. He has been playing an integrative role of struggles ranging from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and Nagaland, for the rights of different oppressed groups like the indigenous population (Adivasis), the Dalits (Untouchables) or the Muslims and the social rebellion against the impact of neo-liberalism. He holds contacts across the world and has been organising support for international anti-imperialist struggles like the Palestinian one or the Iraqi resistance.
and Russias’s troubles
by Boris Kagarlitsky
Following an extensively shortened article by Boris Kagarlitsky, profiled intellectual and political leader of the Russian left. We publish those parts trying to grasp the character of the Donbass popular movement and describing the Kremlin’s fear of a mass movement.