Hoping for an orderly retreat of Ennahda to avoid a return to the old regime
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Chokri Belaid
Tunisia was the starting point of the Arab peoples’ revolt. In the central countries of Egypt and Syria, however, the movement is threatened to subside in repression and violence. Again, it is Tunisia, which gives grounds for hope: Ennahda could withdraw from the government without violence paving the way for early elections. Thus the democratic gains could be saved from the threat of a counter-revolution on behalf of the old elites.
Global stalemate acknowledged
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Iran: crude production and consumption
The beginning détente between the US and Iran is opening a new chapter of global relations. It is not only a game changer in the Syrian arena but will prompt a re-configuration of the Middle East’s setup. Ultimately it indicates another step towards the multi-polar world – but a modest one confirming US supremacy with indirect rule.
Lower classes strengthen social but chauvinist opposition
by Wilhelm Langthaler
First: the ruling system has been confirmed though losing consensus. Second: the electoral protest remains within systemic forms. Third: an anti-systemic, let alone social revolutionary momentum continues to be a mere desiderate.
The acute governmental crisis and the forthcoming mobilisations
Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)
Not pure desperation, but a political calculation has guided Berlusconi’s attempt to let all his parliamentarians resign. What would have happened had he succeeded?
Or: full speed towards disaster
by Wilhelm Langthaler
AfD's share elevated in the east (secondary votes)
First thoughts on the electoral victory of the ruling oligarchy
The forgotten horror
Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The US government in addition to keep in detention thousands of Afghans, hundreds other non Afghan national also have been elapsing their lives in its awful several prisons in Afghanistan including Bagram near Kabul city without charges and trial since 2002.
No to the US attack and continued military pressure
by Wilhelm Langthaler
We are relieved that the imminent threat of an US aggression on Syria is preliminarily put on hold and a diplomatic channel has been opened up. But the US military power projection remains in place and the bloody civil war continues. We therefore need to continue and step up the campaign against foreign intervention and especially the western one. But at the same time we ought to help to pave the way for a transitional government fulfilling the demands of the original democratic popular movement.
Founding Statement
The popular movement announced its establishment on May 15, 2013, (The Nakba Day), in Ramallah.
Call to action
Peace Initiative for a Political Solution in Syria
NO TO AN OPEN MILITARY INTERVENTION – CALL FOR A POLITICAL SOLUTION! With the latest use of chemical weapons the bloodshed in Syria is about to turn into a real humanitarian disaster. Whoever are the perpetrators and intellectual authors of this abominable crime is not only responsible for this mass murder on the innocent population of Ghouta but also of tens of thousands of other victims who are going to follow if the world is no capable to stop this war.
Only a political settlement can end sectarian civil war, open door for a popular democratic development
Anti-imperialist Camp
The notorious “humanitarian air campaign” seen so many times before seems to be imminent. The entire world knows that it is neither about human rights nor democracy – it is only about power also this time. We condemn the impending attack in the strongest terms possible. We call to fight it and inflict a defeat on the aggressor and thus its global order.