Part II of Syria, Turkey and the Arab revolt
by Wilhelm Langthaler
We are facing a democratic popular revolution directed against the old imperial order. It was a spontaneous revolt without a prepared political leadership. It is not by accident that the strongest popular political force across the region, political Islam in all its variants, neither initiated nor lead the upheaval. It has been rather a general leftist sentiment that inspired the first line of combat.
Part III of Syria, Turkey and the Arab revolt
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Despite the undeniable historic anti-imperialist traits of the Baath regime (support for the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance, block with Iran) these are by far outweighed by the anti-imperialist momentum represented by the popular uprising in the entire region.
Why to oppose Turkish intervention but not to deem it imperialist
by Wilhelm Langthaler
by Carlos Latuf
While the Syrian popular revolt is being massacred by Assad and for the time being seems to be not strong enough to topple his regime, a battle within the global anti-imperialist movement is raging over whether or not to support the democratic revolution. Some still believe that Assad is defending the banner of anti-imperialism against his people, even more as the Syrian National Council is appealing more and more for outside help.
Amman call
The participants in The Global March to Jerusalem assert the following:
Another fake encounter story
by B D Sharma and G N Saibaba
We strongly condemn the cold-blooded murder and planned assassination of Kishanji alias Mallojula Koteswara Rao, Politburo Member of CPI (Maoist) in Burishol forest area, Paschim Midnapore District, Jangalmahal, West Bengal on 24 November 2011. At the time of this murder Kishanji was dealing with the process of peace talks through the interlocutors appointed by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Such a heinous crime should be condemned by all justice loving people.
Why Tahrir II is also a criticism to the elections
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Actually so far never before Egyptians have been allowed to contest free and fair elections. After the toppling of Mubarak it is only too understandable that the population is keen to enjoy its newly acquired rights. But why, then, millions are taking to the streets and rallying at the famous Tahrir right before these elections?
An eye witness account from Tahrir and a call for solidarity
Muna, a Tahrir activist
I am since 4 days in the middle of shooting and nerve gas, here in Bab El Louq square, 5 minutes behind Tahrir square, close to the Ministry of Interior. Right out of my window, I can see the fire of the guns and the gas cartouches and the motor cycles that take the injured out of the battle bringing them to the field hospitals, one after the other... hour by hour, day and night...
Egyptian revolution to continue
Anti-imperialist Camp
Currently we are witnesses of the brutal repression against the Tahrir square democracy movement. So far several dozen activists have been killed and thousands wounded. Why the ruling military council lashes out so heavy-handedly right before the start of the parliamentary elections?
First call
International Committee of the Global March towards Jerusalem
On 30 March 2012, from all continents we will converge and gather along the Palestinian borders with Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, with the participation of delegations joining us from every country in the world in a peaceful march towards Palestine.
On the eve of our National Day – the Day of NO*
by Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE)
No to the protectorate
1) Throw out of Greece the troika, the government, and all the political forces which openly or covertly support them. 2) Stop of payments to the international usurers. 3) Independence – Democracy – Productive Reconstruction. This is a way out that will be difficult, demanding deep ruptures.