March 2008

International Solidarity Action with Gaza
Document adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, Febuary 2-4, 2008
Taking advantage of the downfall of the USSR, the United States of America have intensified their aggressive policy, knowing well that their global supremacy depends on their ability to wield a steady dominance in this stormy region. Since 1991 Washington pursues the strategic American project, better known as "Great Middle East". This plan does not tolerate any hostile regime (see the Iraqi case) and implies wiping out any anti-imperialist resistance.
A political balance sheet of the Anti-imperialist Camp's itinerary
Adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, 2-4 February, 2008
In our political laboratory the idea of making anti-imperialism the centre of our activity had been already maturing. From these anti-imperialist resistances' would emanate the only bold antagonism being able to seriously rock the imperialist-capitalist system which just had scored one of its biggest historical victories.
Protest at Rafah Border Crossing, End of March 2008
In support of the suffering Palestinians in Gaza and in protest against the Israeli aggression, The European Campaign to end the Siege on Gaza invites all European activists and Politicians to take part in a solidarity demonstration against the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Iranian-American Community (IACUS)
The Iranian-American Community (IACUS) strongly condemns the new round of the US-dominated UN Security Council sanctions against the people of Iran. We consider these sanctions imperialist efforts aimed at pressuring the Iranian government to submit to the will of the Western Neo-Liberal rule. They are also a futile attempt to deny the Iranian people the technology that would further pave the way towards their independence and sovereignty.