Declaration by the Anti-imperialist Camp on the WTC bombing
The imperialist euphoria that had afflicted the world is dead. The wounded beast is crying. The Emperor has declared war as if he were on a science fiction film set. It is not known to whom, it is not known when, but he will send his mercenaries somewhere to revenge the suffered humiliation. The supposedly biggest military power ever has been hit in its most sensitive point: its alleged invulnerability. After the first moments of panic and disorientation, so-called “national pride” is resurging in the USA thus spreading the most terrible imperialist and revanchist sentiments.
Results of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi 2012
Anti-Imperialist Camp
Amal Ramsis, Egyptian film director, with Moreno Pasquinelli (r), AIC
In Assisi, the picturesque medieval town symbolising the quest for peace and friendship between Islam and Christianity, the Tahrir movements against the US order in the Arab world came together with the popular protests in Southern Europe against the starvation programmes of the EU oligarchy. It was a unique event bringing the tremendous challenges to the revolutionary movement to the consciousness of the militants.
Why we remain anti-American
Anti-Imperialist Camp
A Black president in a country that was founded on slavery and racism—that is a true sensation. We understand and share the joy and satisfaction in the Black communities from Harlem via Chicago to New Orleans.
International Leninist Current
Unanimously approved by the Founding Conference of the ILC
The „International Leninist Current“ (ILC), which ceased to exist about one decade back, was one of the driving forces in the foundation of the “Anti-imperialist Camp” (AIC) at the turn of the millennium. The platform and project of the AIC has been, however, much broader both politically as well as organizationally. Several other forces from other backgrounds have been involved both in the foundation as well as in the further campaigns of the AIC to the effect that the AIC is in not the heir of the ILC.
Resolution adopted by the International Assembly
By the Anti-imperialist Camp
The historical systemic crisis of capitalism, new geo-political conflicts and the Anti-imperialist Camp's tasks.
The international situation after the rise of Barack Obama
Resolution approved by the International Executive Committee of the Anti-Imperialist Camp
The systemic crisis in which American capitalism has fallen will have serious and long-lasting consequences on the whole system of international relations. Because of this, President-elect Barack Obama will not be able to give less importance to foreign policy. In the final years of the 20th century, a few new states have risen to be incipient imperialistic or sub-imperialistic nations. However the United States remain the only omni-dimensional power, i.e., they are the first world power in the military, industrial, agricultural, cultural, technological and scientific field. They will want to keep their supremacy at all costs and will try to distribute and discharge the price of the crisis upon the rest of the world. For this reason we are entering a historical period of utmost instability, which could lead to a period of extended, long-lasting and multi-dimensional open warfare.
Document adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, Febuary 2-4, 2008
Taking advantage of the downfall of the USSR, the United States of America have intensified their aggressive policy, knowing well that their global supremacy depends on their ability to wield a steady dominance in this stormy region. Since 1991 Washington pursues the strategic American project, better known as "Great Middle East". This plan does not tolerate any hostile regime (see the Iraqi case) and implies wiping out any anti-imperialist resistance.
A political balance sheet of the Anti-imperialist Camp's itinerary
Adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, 2-4 February, 2008
In our political laboratory the idea of making anti-imperialism the centre of our activity had been already maturing. From these anti-imperialist resistances' would emanate the only bold antagonism being able to seriously rock the imperialist-capitalist system which just had scored one of its biggest historical victories.
The Anti-Imperialist Camp is a coordination that was constituted in August 2000 by organisations and movements from all continents. Political differences did not prevent these organisations from coordinating in order to give strength to the common struggle against the common enemy: imperialist globalisation.
From the Social Forum to an Anti-imperialist Forum
There is no doubt that the movement against globalisation has constituted for the last decade an opposition force to the mono-polar capitalist world which developed out of the bi-polar set-up of the Cold War period. However, faced with its incapacity to point out strategic parameters in order to turn into a force of resistance to concrete imperialism of Yankee domination, we find ourselves in front of two challenges.