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The Anti-imperialist Camp is a revolutionary political organisation which fights imperialism on a global scale. Our aim is to overthrow imperialist capitalism and establish a system based on comprehensive self-determination of the broad popular masses which requires social justice.

The Anti-imperialist Camp is based in Europe, with full sections in Italy, Germany and Austria, and a wide network of supporters and collaborators across the continent.

Its main task today is to support the popular resistance movements against imperialism which are rising on the periphery of the capitalist system. Thus we are in touch with the many of these movements and try to lend them a voice within the imperialist centres.

The next step to be taken by our global movement is the formation of an Anti-imperialist Front which we dedicate our activity to. This means first of all a process of developing a common political platform for liberation and emancipation to which we want to contribute.

June 2008

See the more elaborated self-descriptions or manifestos in the respective language sections.


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The publisher “Antiimperialistische Koordination” (AIK, Austrian section of the Anti-imperialist Camp) is a registered political party with the Austrian Ministry of Interior.


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