Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019

Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
May 9: celebrating the victory over fascism

Pics from protests in Aachen, Germany
Aachen: protest against Jazenjuk's speech

On May 29 Ukraine’s acting prime minister Jazenjuk was invited to Aachen, Germany, to laud van Rompuy who has been awarded the Charlemagne prize. Along with him came representatives of Georgia and Moldavia, both countries within the Russian sphere of influence leaning towards the west. The entire event was meant as a political signal against Russia.

Delegation members in Beirut bound for Damascus

In the beginning of June 2013 an international delegation of intellectuals and activists visited Damascus to meet high governmental officials as well as the legal opposition. Already in the months before meetings with the different forces of the opposition outside took place. The aim of the initiative is to help to create the conditions for a political settlement of the conflict heading towards a democratic transformation and opposing any foreign intervention.

Statement on the Damascus Delegation

Assisi, 23-26 August, 2012

In Assisi, the picturesque medieval town symbolising the quest for peace and friendship between Islam and Christianity, the Tahrir movements against the US order in the Arab world came together with the popular protests in Southern Europe against the starvation programmes of the EU oligarchy. It was a unique event bringing the tremendous challenges to the revolutionary movement to the consciousness of the militants.

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Lebanon, March 30, 2012
GMJ rallay on the Beaufort castle

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) is part of a series of international solidarity campaigns for Palestine and especially Gaza. But the GMJ is special for several reasons. Firstly it is based on a truly international coalition where forces from the Arab world collaborate with initiatives from Asia and the west. Secondly it has chosen an explicitly anti-Zionist platform. And thirdly it brings together leftist with Islamic organisations.

Meeting the leaders of the revolutionary movement
Against sectarianism

Around May First 2011 the Anti-imperialist Camp conducted a solidarity mission to post-Mubarak Egypt. Its purpose was to get an accurate understanding of the political situation and at the same time to express our solidarity with the revolutionary forces who wants to carry on the transformation process to seize power from the oligarchy. As Anti-imperialist Camp we try to build systematic contacts with the leading forces and individuals of the anti-imperalist and revolutionary movement.

Sumud fact-finding mission in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, India
Adivasi child from the Koja tribal group.

In February 2011 the anti-imperialist voluntary organisation Sumud conducted a fact finding regarding the Adivasis’ resistance. We separated into two teams, one going to West Bengal and Jharkhand, the other one to Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Here some commented photographs from a visit to the fringes of the liberated areas in south Chhattisgarh right at the border to Andhra Pradesh. Actually we have been exploring the possibility for a small medical assistance project.


In the rural areas of India the fight against neoliberalism and globalisation achieved a new dimension. Nearly hidden from the public of the countries of the capitalist center the oppressed peoples raised a new front. Due to that Sumud organized from the 4th to the 14th of February 2011 a fact-finding mission. We sperated into two teams to explore the status of the people’s struggles. Here the tour which included Westbengal and Jharkhand.

Delegation of Sumud
Sabra in Beirut

Volunteers from Austria, Germany and Italy went to the refugee camp Ein el Hilweh to build a cultural center. This "SUMUD-Delegation 2010" also visited places in Beirut and South Lebanon, which are important to the history of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance.