March 2010

Leader Darshan Pal preemptively arrested
By Arjun Pd. Singh, People's Democratic Front of India
The Anti-imperialist Camp calls for the immediate release of Darshan Pal who we got to know as greatly generous person in 2004. While he was involved as one of the main organisers of “Mumbai Resistance” he also helped the international delegations. By profession an anaesthetist he used to joke: “I’m supposed to make people fall asleep but actually I’m doing the opposite.”
by Arundhati Roy
The terse, typewritten note slipped under my door in a sealed envelope confirmed my appointment with India's Gravest Internal Security Threat. I'd been waiting for months to hear from them. I had to be at the Ma Danteshwari mandir in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, at any of four given times on two given days. That was to take care of bad weather, punctures, blockades, transport strikes and sheer bad luck. The note said: "Writer should have camera, tika and coconut. Meeter will have cap, Hindi Outlook magazine and bananas. Password: Namashkar Guruji."
Operation Green Hunt, the people’s struggle and the need for an international solidarity campaign
By the International Campaign against War on the People in India
All over the world, people are asking questions about the nature of India’s society and government, and about the war on the adivasis—the tribal peoples—that has recently been launched by that government with strategic assistance from the US and Israel.
Second Haifa Conference for the Return of the Palestinian Refugees and for the Democratic Secular State in Historic Palestine, 28–30 / 5 / 2010
By Abnaa el Balad
A first consultative meeting was held, in response to the initiative of the Abnaa elBalad Movement, on 27/2/2010. It was followed by the second meeting on 19/3/2010 where the “Preparatory Committee” was formally established. About 20 activists from different organizations and movements, as well as independents, took part in each of the meetings.
Denuclearize all of Middle-East! Stop the siege on Gaza and the martyrdom of the Palestinian people!
Interview with G.N. Saibaba
By Wilhelm Langthaler
G.N. Saibaba
G.N. Saibaba is Assistant Professor of literature at Delhi University, one of India’s most prestigious institutes. He is one of the most vocal voices of the democratic opposition and plays an outstanding role in bringing together the most diverse trends against the ruling elite. He represents the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF).