August 2010

New law on civil rights promised much but brings only cosmetics
by Franklin Lamb
A 15-Minute Sop for Refugees - The members of Parliament decided to do essentially nothing to meet Lebanon’s legal, moral, religious, social and political obligations to her unwanted refugees.
Mohamad Aburous
Interview with Jamal Khattab, leader of the Haraka Islamiyyah Muhjahida (Jihadic Islamic Movement, JIM), conducted in the Palestinian refugee camp Ain el Hilweh, Lebanon, in summer 2010.
Leila Khaled visits „Sumud“ in Ein-Elhiweh
Mohammad Aburous
The brigade had a long day filming and interviewing the reality in the camp, as in the late afternoon the news arrived: Leila Khaled is surely coming this evening. Delegation participants were excited to meet what they saw as a Palestinian living legend, who performed two aircraft hijacks within less than two years (1969 and 1970), attrackting the world attention to the Palestinian cause and becoming an icon who personified Palestine in the minds of two leftiest generations.
Last Report from the Sumud delegation
Elisa Wiener
Amid war threats Sumud concludes its project with screening the films produced with the youth of the camp. It met also Hezbollah' MP Ali Fayyad.
Far away from their home in Kashmir, where life has been put under curfew and dead bodies of boys and girls arrive in every neighborhood, Kashmiris living in Delhi have come together to protest against the repression and killings by armed forces...
Fifth Report by the Sumud delegation
Liberated Beaufort Castle in South Lebanon
Sumud delegates met a Hamas leader, improved the film work, visited the Ghassan-Kanafani-school and discuss the strategies of resistance with a PFLP leader.
Demanding Judicial Inquiry into the Killing of Azad, the Spokesperson and Polit Bureau member of the CPI ( Maoist)
Public meeting New Dehli
The cold blooded manner in which Azad was killed by the state has shocked the country, and the people responsible for it must be held accountable for it - A Report on the Public Meeting in Delhi on 3 August Demanding Judicial Inquiry into the Killing of Azad, the Spokesperson and Polit Bureau member of the CPI ( Maoist) along with Journalist Hem Chandra Pandey
All signs indicate that Israel is starting to take seriously the threat of Palestine solidarity activists, the types of people brushed off for so long by media and policymakers as marginal and irrelevant.
South Lebanon: on the footsteps of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance
Mohammad Aburous
Hezbollah victory exposition in Mlita
Martyrdom and victory are the two faces of the same coin, mostly. The rather sad visits to the martyrs memorials in Beirut were necessary to understand the historical process the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance had to pass through, until a victory could be realised in 2000 by the Israeli unconditional withdrawal from South Lebanon. The war of 2006 was a second victory of the resistance, who was able to humiliate the Israeli army and survive its fierce offensive. In this spirit, the delegation moved on to the South on Friday morning 30th July.
Beirut: Martyr memorials and the load of history
Mohammad Aburous
On the morning of Thursday, July 29th, Sumud’s delegation, Nashet’s activists and the young participants of the short-film workshop headed to Beirut, where visits of specific places and Palestinian and Lebanese political forces were scheduled.