February 2012

March 30, 2012 - from Beirut, Amman, Cairo
On March 30 demonstrations starting from Beirut, Amman and Cairo, as well as convoys arriving from around the globe, will converge in the global quest to save Jerusalem from being colonised by Zionism. In these three capitals, we will be received by local preparatory committees. Concomitantly, there will be mobilisations throughout historic Palestine: in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip, in the territories robbed 1948 (today Israel) and first and foremost, in Jerusalem. Inform yourself about the political project and read how you can participate.
Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, George Galloway support the Global March to Jerusalem
Desmond Tutu
Following list of endorsers is not complete but an extraction centered on Europe, for the Anti-imperialist Camp has been one central promotor of the campaign in Europe.
Why the US may prefer a weakened Assad in place
by Abdel-Halim Qandil* (عبد الحليم قنديل)
Abdel-Halim Qandil
Calling for a foreign intervention serves the Assad regime, betrays the revolutionary cause, and threatens Syria with disintegration. What is required is not to destroy Syria, but to destroy the regime and let Syria rise from the ashes, according to the wish of her people, who long for a democratic Arabic homeland.
National Coordination Body leaves conference in Tunis for it is directed by Western interests
Statement from the delegation of the National Coordination Body to the ‘Friends of Syria’ conference in Tunisia
Popular uprisings at our doors
We meet at the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi where the voices of the Arab resistances and uprisings will merge with the beginning uprisings of Europe. Without rebellion no liberation!
German-speaking GMJ committee
Eyelyn Hecht-Galinski
Delegates from German speaking countries met on February 11, 2012, in the southern German town of Stuttgart to discuss how to roll out the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) initiative. More than 30 people reported about their local efforts and confirmed the operative GMJ committee for those three countries.
We will meet before Land Day on March 30, 2012, in Amman, Beirut and Cairo to start our common march to Jerusalem. In all these capitals, we would be joined by local preparatory committees.