July 2012

Popular movement will prevail over foreign meddling
Mohamed Aburous and Wilhelm Langthaler
Salameh Kaileh
Salameh Kaileh is a Palestinian-Syrian author, political activist and Marxist intellectual representing the Syrian Left Coalition. He was arrested anew on April 24, 2012. Having been tortured, he was eventually deported from Syria where he had spent three decades and out of that eight years in prison.
Discuss with leaders and activists of the Syrian popular uprising
Haytham Manna is the foreign representative of the “National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change” (NBC) and as such one of the most vocal and prominent figures of the Syrian left as well as of the anti-imperialist wing of the current democratic people’s movement.
Statement of the Syrian Left Coalition
All Syrians follow the huge revolutionary developments which overwhelmed the capital Damascus in the past two days, knowing that what the media covers is less than what happens in the uprising capital. It confirms the persistence of the revolution and its marsh towards victory. Everybody can see the weakness of the regime, the dispersion of its forces and its tendency towards disintegration.
Tahrir popular uprisings at our doors
In the first years after the formation of the Anti-imperialist Camp we used to hold an annual public summer camp in Assisi, Italy, the last one in 2004. After difficult years we revive this experience this year 2012 on the juncture of the Arab revolt and the Southern European movements against the EU crisis.
Why we remain anti-American
Anti-Imperialist Camp
A Black president in a country that was founded on slavery and racism—that is a true sensation. We understand and share the joy and satisfaction in the Black communities from Harlem via Chicago to New Orleans.
Protagonists of the Palestine solidarity will get together
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The support to the Palestinian liberation struggle always has been in the heard of the Anti-imperialist Camp. Therefore this year’s camp in Assisi, Italy, scheduled for 23-26 of August will feature a debate on the future of the Palestine solidarity movement.