Ukraine – Three Years after Maidan

Int'l conference in Warsaw April 20, 2017
Thursday, 20. April 2017 - 10:00
Hotel Gromada Plac Powstancow Warszowy 2
by Initiative New Ukraine

Panel I

1. Wasiliy Wolga, the leader of Alliance of Left Forces of Ukraine:
Ukraine as the Experimental Training Ground for USA and EU.

2. Aleksandr Prigarin, professor of Odessa National University:
Problem of Choice of Ukraine – Cultural Pluralism or Ethnic Monolith?

3. Aleksand Todorow: journalist, human rights defender
Heroization of Bandera’s Militants in Ukraine – New Reality.

4. Matyas Benyik, ATTAC Hungary
Three Years after Maidan – Evaluation of the Ukrainian Crises until Now.

5. Andriey Hunko, ( connection by skype)

Moderator: Jacek c. Kamiński, journalist

Panel II

1. Gieorgiy Pospielow, independent expert
Situation in Ukraine after the Reforms Initiated by West

2. Michail Tiasko, World Council of Carpathians Ruthenians
Situation of Carpathians Ruthenians in Ukraine.

3. Jacek Rosołowski, leader of trade union Walka ( Fight)
Situation of Ukrainian Workers in Poland.

4. Nabil Al Malazi, Syrian community in Poland
Syria and Ukraine- the Technologies of Colorful Revolutions.

Moderator: Radosław Czarnecki, journalist

Inicjatywa Nowa Ukraina