Support the Iraqi resistance!


National Democratic Front of South Korea

The spokesman for the NDFSK issued a statement to denounce the US aggressive war against Iraq and the occupation of it, and to express full support and solidarity to the Iraqi people´s patriotic resistance against the imperialist occupiers.

The statement reads:

Today, the international community is voicing louder its protest and condemnation against the US which occupied Iraq, a sovereign state, by force and inflicts unbearable misfortunes and pains upon the Iraqi people.

As already known, the unilateral military invasion of Iraq by the US in disregard of the international law and the UN, was an unjust war of aggression aimed to oust the Hussein regime and control over the oil fields in the Middle East.

Owing to the US flagrant criminal acts, Iraq was virtually turned to a wasteland of freedom and human rights and a hell of death and catastrophe.

The barbarous massacres and destructions perpetrated by the US in Iraq clearly show that the US is a "wrecker of peace", "war chieftain" and root cause of all misfortunes and disasters, not an "apostle of peace" nor a "defender of democracy".

By no means justified are the crimes of the Bush Administration which is even now tainting Iraq with the blood of the innocent Iraqis.

The NDFSK bitterly denounces the US that militarily occupied Iraq despite the strong opposition of the world progressives and is committing bloody suppression as a wanton infringement upon a sovereign country and a malicious challenge to the Korean people and the world peace-loving people desirous of Iraq´s stability and world peace.

As an expression of their seething hatred and indignation toward the US, an empire of evil, the vigorous resistance of the Iraqi people against the US imperialist occupiers throughout the country is quite righteous to all intents and purposes.

We extend full support and solidarity to the Iraqi people in their just anti-US resistance for the restoration of the country´s sovereignty and freedom.

Death to the US imperialist invaders!

The Bush government, take hands off Iraq at an early date and pull out its aggressive troops from there at once as the international community demands in unison!

The anti-US resistance of the Iraqi people will surely emerge victorious!

Sept. 22, Juche 93(2004)