Self-determination of the Northeast and Iraq – one struggle!


Solidarity address to the protest rally in Nagaon, Assam

The organisers of the international day of action for the Iraqi resistance including the Anti-imperialist Camp are honoured to be able to transmit their wholehearted revolutionary greetings to you.

For all of us this day of action is a significant step forward in building an anti-imperialist pole within the anti-globalisation movement and to link it to the ongoing liberation struggles in the oppressed countries which used to be largely excluded from this Western-style movement.

This is even more true as the NECOHR with its delegate Jagat Thoudam actually was part of the promoting group during the anti-imperialist gathering of Mumbai Resistance (MR) where this day of acting was lanched.

Comrades, we should not forget that the resistance is meeting a lot of resistance also from within our movement. Our crystal clear demand to the movement is: support the anti-imperialist resistance without if´s and but´s. We cannot allow the Western middle class civil society to impose their moralism to the revolutionary liberation movements, a morale which in the last instance attempts to save their privileged position in the world. They have to understand that we are fighting an asymmetric war against imperialism in which we cannot compete in war technology. Our strength is our morale and political determination and our readiness to sacrifice. The Vietnamese people had to give 3 million lives while the US aggressors lost only some 50,000. But eventually they prevailed.

The struggle within the movement was over the question whether the anti-imperialists should constitute an independent pole or whether they should stay within the frame of the WSF. We ferociously fought and keep fighting for the independence of the anti-imperialists which means the unconditional siding with the popular struggles against imperialism regardless of the forms they ever might take.

We are happy to be able to announce that demonstrations are going to take place in dozens of places throughout the globe on today´s day of action. But it is by far not enough. Our efforts must continue.

In Iraq a historic battle is being fought. Beyond the legitimate struggle for the right of self-determination much more is at stake, namely it is the American Empire itself. Washington waged the war on Iraq in order to establish their empire. If they succeed they will continue building and strengthening it at higher pace. If the Iraqi resistance together with our international support is able to defeat them, the empire will face troubles all over the globe. Other liberation movement will pass to the offensive and new ones will spring up. Behind the Iraqi resistance the anti-imperialist movement can und must rally and unify.

Also India is an integral part of the US imperial architecture as it has been building straight links with the US and Israel. The anti-imperialist movement of the world supports the struggle of the oppressed people of India for self-determination. We do not only fight the US empire but also the heritage left by their predecessors, the British, who remain today on their side as we see it right now in Iraq.

Victory to the Iraqi resistance!
Down with the American Empire!
Oppressed people of the world unite!

Alfred Klein on behalf of the
Anti-imperialist Camp
Vienna, September 24, 2004