Resistance and Hope

Call for the Anti-imperialist Camp, Assisi, Italy, August 2-7
Mankind is travelling in fear on a train towards the abyss. This abyss is the mercilessly waged global war. The train is steered by the United States of America, to be precise, by a group of adventurers dreaming of a dead and mute world with one single God, the dollar; with one single banner, that of stars and stripes; with one single language, that of American oppression.

These adventurers are driven by a vision which neither admits compromises nor half ways: the "clash of civilisations" not only with Islam but with anybody who believes in the co-operation between the peoples and who consider peace as the holiest of all values. They have given a name to their doctrine: "permanent and pre-emptive war" which not only displays the warmongering character of the North American regime but also the idea that the US were a superior nation with a special mission namely to exercise the global predominance at any cost. The alibi which this doctrine builds on is the "terrorist threat". Those who employ indiscriminate force against defenceless and innocent civilians, those who consider a person guilty if it does not believe in their God, might believe to be on a straight way to paradise but surely contribute to the transformation of this world into an inferno without hope. The only remaining hope of the world is the Resistance, the struggle of the peoples for freedom and self-determination.

The American aim is not only to subjugate the poor and oppressed nations but also those who still enjoy some liberty. The Patriot Act and the "anti-terrorist" Black Lists show that the most elementary democratic rights are at stake also in the West and particularly in the United States. Virulent racist and chauvinist crusades attempt to criminalise the anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces as well as the organisations of immigrants. They even want to silence the peace movement.

The anti-imperialist Resistance has indestructible roots and dates back to the very beginning of the imperial North American ambitions. Where there is oppression there will always be revolt as well, where there is dictatorship there will always be the struggle for democracy, where there is injustice there never will be peace.

Today the Iraqi people is testifying for the Resistance keeping up their heads against the American war criminals and their paranoid designs to guantánamise the world. The Iraqi resistance has taken the way paved by the Palestinian Intifada. By building a united front of all the fighting forces it will gain further strength transforming itself into a national liberation war. This front, the embryo of a future government of a liberated Iraq, will be able – once the invaders are driven out – to call upon the Iraqis to elect a democratic constituent assembly exercising the full and undivided sovereignty of the Iraqi people.

The future of humanity depends on the outcome of the battle raging in Iraq. The heroic town of Falluja, having chased away mercenaries armed with the most sophisticated weaponry, shows that the Iraqi people is able to win as the Vietnamese people won. The decisive factor – in war even more than in peace – is not technological superiority but what motivates the people to fight.

We have to unite with the Resistance of the Iraqi people to help mankind to liberate itself from the North American menace.

The future of the world depends on the victory of Iraq!