Towards the Intl Day of Action for the Iraqi Resistance

Resolution of the Free Iraq Committees gathered in Assisi
The Free Iraq Committees and the other organizations supporting the Iraqi Resistance, meeting in Assisi on August 4th, 2004:


1. Stress the importance of the success of the International Day of Action to support the struggle of the Iraqi people, scheduled for September 25th.

2. On that day, they engage to take every possible initiative in their various countries, using all available forces.

3. They believe the time has come to activate a constant coordination among the committees of the various countries, lasting beyond September 25th, with the aim of setting up an international conference and a unitary front supporting the struggle of their Iraqi brothers and comrades.

4. They stress the link between the Iraqi Resistance and the resistance of the Palestinian people, a link which is already symbolically present in the choice of the date of September 25th, which commemorates the beginning of the Intifada against Zionist occupation of Palestine.

5. They stress the crucial role played by the current struggle in Iraq for the future of mankind itself, since they are convinced that the Resistance may really win, offering a great contribution to struggles for freedom and self-determination around the world.

Stop the occupation of Iraq and Palestine!
Drive out the imperialist troops and bases!
Down with preventive war and the US empire!
Long live the Iraqi Resistance!

(The meeting was attended by delegations and comrades from the following countries: Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Turkey, Italy, France, the Basque Country, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela)