Next Anti-imperialist Camp to be held in Venezuela as a Bolivarian one

Resolution of the Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 04
Latin America, like other peoples in the world such as that of Iraq, is resisting against the designs of North American imperialism and its faithful lackeys who put its orders into practice. It is no secret for the peoples of the world that its goal is totalitarian and imperial control in the political, economic, cultural and military spheres over the world, and this involves seizing strategic resources, especially oil.

Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp

Latin America is not only an extremely important scenario for imperialist ambitions. It also represents an obstacle to the development of its policies. It is a place of risk because of the struggle which is arising thanks to the popular movement of resistance for peace with social justice and full sovereignty in Columbia and the Bolivarian Revolution headed by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. This Revolution has opened up a new road based on participated democracy with the people organized for sovereignty, against racial discrimination and for the self-determination of peoples, a process which hardly suits the development of the strategy of Yankee imperialism, since it would not guarantee the supply of oil, the social control over the people and the submission to its strategic interests (ALCA, Plan Colombia).

The latest trick of the enemies of the revolutionary process, the oligarch and world hegemonic Yankee power, is again an attempt to break down what we have built with our sweat and blood. Two years ago there was the coup d´à©tat and the oil strike; today there is the referendum, paramilitary activity and killers. There is no real difference; the goal is the same: to put an end to the Bolivarian revolutionary process by overthrowing president Chávez, and to put an end to Bolivarism itself, and to the possibility of a revolutionary option being built starting from Venezuela which could contribute to the organization and unity of peoples so they can achieve their emancipation from the hegemonic power, defending the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples: this is the practical application of Bolivarian thinking. Many hopes of the excluded of our continent rest on this option.

The Bolivarian revolution is entering an anti-imperialist stage, the battle for the Bolivarian project has left the national level and is now a matter of international confrontation between the imperialist forces headed by the United States and the patriotic and revolutionary forces of the popular camp, with the people of Venezuela in the vanguard of popular anti-imperialist resistance of the Latin American peoples.

We believe it is necessary to give impulse to and to consolidate a large space for anti-imperialist expression of popular resistance in the world in order to face this and to give an answer to the strategy of interventionism and domination of the empire. We therefore call to set up the Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp at Campo la Miel Guasdualito, in the state of Apure, Venezuela, on the border with Colombia, to be held between February 7th and 12th, 2005.

Resistance is hope!

Against imperialism – let us organize popular resistance!

No to Yankee interventionism!

Yankees out from the peoples of the world!

For the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples!

Adopted by the Plenary session of the Anti-imperialist Camp 2004 in Assisi, Italy, August 2-6