Voice of wretched not silenced, Arab-Islamic and Bolivarian resistance move close

Results of the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, Italy, August 2-6, 2004
The very fact that the Anti-imperialist Camp could be held in Assisi, Italy, from August 2-6 amid a hysteric "anti-terrorist" witch hunt is a success in itself. While the Italian government together with its American big brother is bloodily trying to put down the heroic liberation struggle of the Iraqi people, it seeks to wipe out all the forces within Italy who dare to support the Iraqi resistance.

In this way they want to kill democracy twice: on one hand the elementary democratic right to national self-determination for which the Iraqi people is fighting and which is also enshrined in international law; and on the other hand the elementary right to free expression and political organisation within Italy itself which the Anti-imperialist Camp is claiming with its support to the Iraqi resistance – which had been gain in the popular struggle against fascism.

What the Berlusconi government is actually doing amounts to nothing less than the attempt to implement the rules of the American empire – however, they did not pass. By holding the gathering regardless of the extremely difficult circumstances the Anti-imperialist Camp succeeded in defending the anti-imperialist trench. The voice of the wretched of the world within the imperialist fortress of Europe could not be silenced. For its further defence the Anti-imperialist Camp decided to launch a campaign against the Guantanamisation of the world (see the resolution "For a movement of self-defence against repression").

One should not forget that only two days before its inauguration our rank and file activist William Frediani was arrested on charge of being the head of an "anarcho-insurrectionalist conspiracy" which allegedly carried out an attack on a party office of Berlusconi´s coalition partner "Allianza Nazionale" (AN). Furthermore he is accused of being an ideologue of Islamisation. The press headlines were reading: "Terrorist mastermind goes to prison with Koran". Actually this is true: William is doing a study on Dante´s Devine Comedy and therefore not only asked for Koran but also for the Bible as well as for scientific literature. This is only the latest example of the media manipulation.

On April 1 three leaders of the Anti-imperialist Camp have been arrested and accused of terrorism because of having politically supported comrades of the "Revolutionary People´s Liberation Front" (DHKC) from Turkey. The three Italians have been preliminarily freed while the two Turkish comrades linger still in prison. The political background was the support to the Iraqi resistance. Therefore the web site of the Committees Free Iraq were sequestrated and are still outlawed.

Meanwhile the repression against the Islamic community of Italy is assuming new dimensions. Any Muslim as such is suspicious as a potential terrorist while the govt is continuing unabatedly its terror war on the Iraqi people and its support to the Zionist genocide.

Therefore the Anti-imperialist Camp set a signal by inviting representatives of the oppressed Muslim minority of Europe as well as leaders of democratic anti-imperialist popular Islamic movements from Turkey and the Middle East. An alliance of the revolutionary and socialist with the Islamic forces against imperialism is in its making. And is not only about the defence of the democratic rights also for Muslims in Europe.

One focus of the Anti-imperialist Camp and the alliance, it intends to forge, is the support to the Iraqi Muqawama (resistance) and the Palestinian Intifada (uprising). In the presence of the "Iraqi Patriotic Alliance", the "Iraqi Communist Party (cadre)" and the "Iraqi Democratic Patriotic Communist Current", the Palestinian movement "Abna elBalad" and representatives of support committees from about a dozen countries, the international day of action for the Iraqi resistance was reconfirmed. It has been scheduled at Mumbai Resistance 2004 to take place on September 25 close to the anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada to show the nexus between the liberation struggle in Iraq and Palestine (see the resolution "Towards the Intl Day of Action for the Iraqi Resistance" ).

Another pivotal agreement reached in Assisi was to organise the next Anti-imperialist Camp in Venezuela close to the Colombian border. It is planned to stand in continuation of Mumbai Resistance lending support to the Bolivarian movement against the American empire which current highest point is the popular mobilisation in Venezuela. The revolutionary forces need international support not only to defeat the US and its allied local oligarchy but also to push back the forces within the state and the military who oppose the nationalisation of the oil industry and the banks, the agrarian reform as well as the military preparation of the masses to defend the county against an impending Yankee attack (see the resolution "Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp" ).

And least but not least the Anti-imperialist Camp decided to take up the proposal of the outlawed Basque Left Independence Movement Batasuna to form an European-wide coalition of popular forces against the liberalist, capitalist and imperialist European Union including revolutionary and communist organisations. To fight the European Union means also to be against the US and its attempt to erect an empire of which the EU is integral part. Yesterday´s anti-Fascism is today´s anti-Americanism (see resolution "From Urruña against the capitalist European Union" )