Release Avni and Zeynep


International call to support the two Turkish comrades held as political prisoners in Italy

On March 5 the hearings in the trials of Avni and Zeynep will start. They have been held in prison since April 1, 2004, under the accusation of being members of the Turkish association DHKP-C which is being defined as terrorist based on the EU´s arbitrary "black list" design according to its US model. The entire investigation by the Italian judiciary has been carried out in name of the "war on terror" pleasing the Turkish regime and lending it a helping hand in order to repress whoever dares to oppose its capitalist, imperialist and anti-democratic agenda. We all know about the treatment the regime of the military oligarchy reserves for its dissidents; we know of the massacres committed against the political prisoners who continue to defend themselves against the white torture of solitary confinement. We cannot be accomplices of that regime as well as of the Italian one which supports it.

Therefore we all have to mobilise for the immediate and unconditional release of Avni and Zeynep and for the abolishment of the black lists which only serve to destroy the liberation movements against oppression, misery and exploitation.

Anti-imperialist Camp