Violent Attack against Anti War Movement in Malaysia


By WaWa, 29 March 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On 29 March 2003, the wave of mass resistance against US & their allies imperialist war on Iraq again happened in Malaysia.

Two big anti war protest and rallies happened in capital Kuala Lumpur, one led by the Anti War Coalition- comprised of the NGOs, Student Groups and Opposition Parties at KLCC-tallest twin towers at downtown. Another one led by the ruling party led Coalition of party & NGOs. (call AMAN- Peace) at national square-Dataran Merdeka.

The Aman- Peace was fully supported by all the state mechanism, even their rally was protected and allowed to be gathered & happened by police. Only 1,500 people gathered. By yet got all the media coverage!

However, the Anti War Coalition led by the opposition was not given permission by polices to gather even stern scare warning over the media days before the events in order people not joining the protest. But, call upon people to go for the Aman gathering led by the ruling party BN.

Ironically, almost 3,000 people who attended the Anti War Gathering led by opposition & student groups faced all the police attacked with weapons & tear gas ! The crowd confronted many times in order to proceed to all the US, Australia embassies which are very nearby from the gathering venue at KLCC (at around 2.30 pm)

The heavy police forces guarded all the US, Britain, Australia, and Spance embassies. The Malaysia authority since the first day of the war attacked on the Iraq _ they have blocked any peaceful assembled at these embassies and claimed that _Foreign_ interest need to be protected!

It is extremely of contradictory & double standard of the Malaysia government on anti war & attitudes towards US & allies:

First, they arrested 12 people and violently attacked the crowd with the tear gas at the peaceful gathering of the Anti War Coalition today.

But, yet only allow their ruling party back led anti war coalition Aman to have the rally & protest at the same time and day on 29 march 2003.

There is no freedom of assembly and true democracy inside Malaysia, only the ruling elite have the rights to enjoy all this basic human rights!

For the progressive movement in Malaysia, we will says that there will be no peace when there is even no social justice & true democracy inside Malaysia. We reject a authoritarian regime that claim to fight for all the oppressed third world countries, but yet oppress their own people internally. This anti war event today witnessed this hard reality of the people movement and struggle here.

Second, The Malaysia government and the Primer Dr Mahathir Mohamad potrayed himself extremely against the US _s war on Iraq. But, yet afraid their citizens to show their protest infront of all these embassies. Even arrested the anti war protested. Definitely, the state have exposed themselves with their rhetoric and hypocrite stance on anti war , US _ their allies. In fact, they- the reactionary right wing force are not against the Imperialists nature of the US and their allies. They only oppose the use of war in the conflict resolution manner! Means, the Malaysia state is fundamentally pro imperialism behavior of US and their allies. The call of Anti War Coalition to dismantle the diplomatic ties with US and their cronies was just ignored! The true right wing reactionary nature of this ruling power alliance led by Dr Mahahir Mohamad have exposed their true colors! Which many international people that he is the _progressive_ nationalist of third world leader!

Third, the Malaysia government together with the US security department co set up the anti terrorists information center in Malaysia in the last week. It is totally ridiculous to work with the so called _anti terrorist_ effort with US. The US is actually the biggest terrorist pariah of the world humanity. It is regret that Malaysia state is working with them as the partner in Humanity Crime.

Therefore, it shows again the Malaysia government under the Primer Dr Mahathir Mohamad is actually playing a _double face _ game ! This center definitely will expand the US penetrated secret polices network into this region and even in Malaysia to suppress all the progressive and democratic forces.

However, we will be move on against the impreliast US & their allies,as well the reactionary right wing State of Malaysia! No peace will comes, without social justice & true democracy prevail !

No imperialist war for oil and blood!