Jordan: Arrested Anti-War Activist Shadi Madanat Maybe Referred to the State Security Court


Report by: Dr. Hisham Bustani, Amman, Friday April 4, 2003

After the recent release of many activists the government has arrested in the past few weeks on the grounds of their positions in support of Iraq against the Imperialist US aggression, and against the presence of US military in Jordan, and/or their participation in popular activities against the US aggression on Iraq, Jordanian security agents have arrested Engineer Shadi Madanat, one of the most prominent activists in Kerak (a city south of the capital Amman), in front of his house. Security agents also searched his house and confiscated a personal computer.

Ms. Fadia Baqa`een, Shadi`s mother, has sent the following complaint to the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Jordan:

"This is to let you know that on Tuesday, April 1 2003, about 8:30 in the evening, my son Shadi Madanat was arrested in front of his home, and our house was searched according to a search warrant issued from the State Security Court Prosecutor, and they took with them the computer that belongs to the family, and we don`t know to where he was sent. He is absent until the day of this complaint and we don`t know where he is.

With Regards,
Fadia Salameh Biqa`een, April 3 2003"

It is believed that the manner in which Engineer Shadi Madanat was arrested, and not revealing his whereabouts, and the presence of a search warrant issued by the State Security Court Prosecutor, are all indicators of an intention to refer Shadi to the State Security Court, which is headed by a military judge, and has "final" decisions on misdemeanors (issues regarding freedom of _expression and assembly...etc).

The Jordanian Authorities, as it arrests Activists that are opposed to the US aggression on Iraq and who are opposed to any Jordanian participation in this aggression, puts itself in a basic contradiction with its declared position on this matter, and further increase its lack of credibility, and confirm the peoples` suspicions on a possible role the Authorities are undertaking in this aggression.

Let`s raise our voices and demand the RELEASE of Engineer Shadi Madanat and all political prisoners in Jordan.

Send letters to the addresses below demanding the following:

1- The unconditional release of Shadi Madanat and all political prisoners, and demanding freedom of _expression and assembly in Jordan.

2- The immediate STOP of harassing anti-normalization, anti-War, liberties and human rights activists.

3- The immediate stop of threats to civil society institutions, especially the Union of Professional Associations.

4- The immediate withdraw of ALL temporary laws issued in the absence of Parliament.

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