Roma refugees in Macedonia


The tragic situation of hundreds of Roma refugees in Medzitlija (Macedonia) that have decided to take direct action to break out of their miserable conditions is worsening. These refugees are part of the 80-150,000 Roma that have been chased out of NATO occupied Kosovo by the US-backed KLA (which has continued to persecute ethnic minorities and Albanian activists opposed to its agenda). Many have fled to NATO-occupied Macedonia, where they also face horrible living conditions and discrimination. Western government`s would like to `disappear` these victims of NATO`s aggression on Yugoslavia, just as they are trying to marginalize the legitimate claims to return of Palestinian refugees, or silence the widerspread popular opposition to their policies in occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. In his latest appeal, a representative of this group, calling for international solidarity with the plight of the Roma, writes: "More then 690 refugees, Roma, Ashkalies, Egyptains from Kosovo in the moment are on Medzitlija, on Macedonian - Greek border, waiting for answer from the European Union for entrance in Greece. They have sended ampications for asylum to the Greek embassy. Still there is no offical document from EU. The situation of the refugees on Medzitlija is very bad and is getting worse every moment. The help is not coming. There is blocade by UNHCR or somebody else, we don`t know. The refugees are on their possitions, requests to leave Macedonia, because of 4 years mistakes in finding solutions for the refugees. In the moment they are supported by refugees from camp Katlanovo, who are organzing protests in front of offices of European institutions in Skopje and foreign embassies in Skopje. In the moment there is no solutions for the crises."