Formation of a Reception Committee


Mumbai Resistance 2004 Against Imperialist Globalisation and War

You would be aware that the World Social Forum is due to hold its yearly conference in January next year outside Porto Allegro (Brazil) for the first time in its three-year history. It is scheduled to be held at Mumbai between January 16th and 21st 2004. Due to the limitations of this body we are organizing an independent 4-day function on that occasion, in order to focus more explicitly on Imperialist Globalisation and the War-mongering of the US aggressors and the growing worldwide resistance to it.
To the chagrin of the imperialists, peoples throughout the world are increasingly taking to the path of struggle in a big way. The militant mass demonstrations since Seattle are symbolic of the intensification of the anti-imperialist mood among all sections. A variety of forces have participated in these movements, with varying ideologies and ideas about the way in which globalisation can be fought. While some have been seeking merely some reforms in the policies of the IMF, World Bank, etc. and of the imperialist governments, others have been linking the process of globalisation to imperialism and are clear that to fight globalisation there is a need to fight and defeat imperialism itself.
The US imperialists have, since 9/11, launched their war against so-called …‘terrorism´, as a euphemism for a war against people´s movements and all those who are opposed to their policies. To further their imperialist designs they have their war-mongering and the devastating consequences are visible all over the world. This has further given a boost to people´s struggles worldwide – as has been evident from the wide protests against the Iraq war and the growing militant resistance of the people of Iraq and Palestine. MR-2004 considers itself as a continuation of these gigantic mass movements, initiated at Seattle, against imperialist globalisation and war.
There is an urgent need for those who are opposed to imperialist globalisation and imperialist led wars of aggression to rally together, share experiences, analyse imperialist strategies, and develop a perspective that will take the movement forward to confront and ultimately defeat imperialism.
But we find that the WSF, as it is structured - only for "reflective thinking" without conclusions and plans for action - does not allow for the development of a clear anti-imperialist perspective.
Though the WSF claims through its charter to be against …‘all forms of imperialism´, it has in fact no clear understanding regarding this, nor are those in the leadership of WSF actually against imperialism in practice. The WSF is being led by …‘Left´ parties who are or have been in power either at provincial or central level in Brazil, Western European countries and even India. These parties have themselves been implementing the policies prescribed by the IMF, WB and other imperialist institutions, leading to tremendous hardships to the people. These parties cannot be relied upon to lead the anti-imperialist movement ahead. The other leading constituent of the WSF are major NGOs who are active in raising demands to reform the imperialist system and give, in their words, …‘globalisation a human face´. Given this domination of WSF by elements who are not opposed to imperialist globalisation itself, it is clear that the task of developing the anti-imperialist struggle cannot be undertaken freely in this forum.
Further the charter of the WSF itself restricts constituent organisations to non-violent forms of struggle. It specifically closes the door on all other forms of struggle. At a time when the growing aggression of the imperialists has forced the masses in numerous places to resort to more and more militant forms of struggle, such restrictions can only serve to divide the forces standing up against imperialism.

The WSF is being funded largely by donations obtained either directly from imperialist agencies (e.g. the Ford Foundation) or indirectly through NGOs funded by such agencies or governments. Such funds are given with the express purpose of institutionalising dissent and diverting genuine activists into channels harmless to imperialism, thus harming the growing movement.
It is for these reasons that we, the undersigned organisations, have taken the initiative to organise an independent event under the banner …‘Mumbai Resistance – 2004: Against Imperialist Globalisation and War´.
It is proposed to be a four day programme including seminars, workshops, a cultural festival and a mass rally. It is expected that even those committed to and participating in the WSF process will join in the MR-2004 programme. We hope you support this endeavour to strengthen and take forward the struggle against imperialism and wars and join us to make this effort a success.