Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) supports Iraqi resistance


Solidarity message to the Anti-imperialist Camp

To Anti-imperialist Camp, Iraqi Resistance,

Dear comrades and friends,

We were informed about the wild attack and shameful conspiracy of the Italian government rulers on anti imperialist camp and Iraqi resistance to repress and stop it. In fact this is the final attempt of imperialists and their mercenaries to save themselves from the burning flames anger of the masses that oppose the savage war especially against Iraqi people.

Left Radical of Afghanistan strongly condemns the inhuman act of Italian authorities and seriously objects to stop it. The war for reaching to economic and strategic goals under the pretext of war against terrorism, never will win the support of people around the world, except the like minded fascists who seeks their profits in the looting of other poor and deems their parasite lives in the sucking of the blood of other poor nations. This is not acceptable for awareness and conscious people who believe radical changes on this world where all nations without discrimination enjoy the prosperity, peace and equal life privileges.

LRA with its full strength support the Anti-imperialist Camp and Iraqi Resistance against US aggression and its cruel oppressions. And declare its solidarity with this bravely and heroic campaign against invaders and their disgraced supporters.

- Stop the shameful attacks on Anti-imperialist camp and Iraqi resistance!
- Get out US and coalition troops from Iraq!
- Respect to the determination of Iraqi people and let them to decide their future!

Nasir Loyand

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)